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In Term I and Term II of 2006, Pegram emerged victorious at Quadfest over the fourth year dorm, incidentally, being Alspaugh, due to Bassett's impending renovations. Term I, Pegram won in legitimate competition. Term II, however, Pegram won only because Alspaugh decided to revive the long lost "tradition" of throwing Quadfest.

Term II East, 2006

In Term II East, 2006, the great tradition of throwing Quadfest returned with a vengeance. The fourth-year dorms had won Term II eight years in a row, and there was no excitement or surprise in winning it any longer. Ergo, the Alspaugh RCs decided that Alspaugh would throw it in the most completely absurd way ever. As a result, Quadfest was renamed Crunkfest, which Alspaugh won with 400-and-crunkity points.

(Cue event list, and ways each event was made Completely Ridiculous, here.)

Event List


The fourth years enacted the 2006 Duck Duck Goose olympics, as shown on ESPN 8 (The OCHO). (A reference to the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story) Redcards flew, headbutts butted, and Nat pulled out the ever famous "YATTAGOOSE!", causing everyone to do the Yatta and play. Eventually, everyone died dominoes style, with the exception of Chris Bassil and 6 bowls of Jello. (See Snarfle below)


The Alspaugh cheers were: a poem composed by Alspaugh Quadfest Planning, which Mitchell Haverty, Esq. read, and... A CHINESE FOOD MENU RAPPED ALOUD! (Starring Hanna Hope on the rap, and Eliot Kaplan on the b-b-b-b-beatbox!)

Dorm Blob

At the start of Dorm Blob, the fourth years proceeded to form a conga line and go all the way down the quad and back while the third and second years struggled to stay together and win.

Day at TiP

The first Alspaugh TIPster to go, upon "waking up", hit the snooze and went back to sleep. It should be known that this TiPster was TiPWiki's own Anthony Chivetta, who was then prodded with feet many a time, marked upon by Sam Brooks via Sharpie, yelled at, drenched with a bucket of soapy water, and then carried off the circle quad, though not necessarily in that order.

Mystery Event #1

This was "speed clown makeup application," and Alspaugh played Chubby Bunny Extreme using the foam brushes as marshmallows.

Mystery Event #2

This was Twister. Alspaughians missed the board...


The first Distraction event was where the moderator would call out a word, and one of the three contestants had to spell it. They buzzed in by putting an extreme sour Warhead in their mouths. Upon putting the Warhead in his mouth, Tyler Mefford keeled over from the sourness and was carried away by some fellow fourth years on a stretcher (a.k.a. Coffee table from one of the common rooms). It is extremely sad that the 4th years threw this event but the other dorms really couldn't spell and therefore ended the whole "negative points" aspect, as they were quickly going into high negatives, with such spellings as mistic, elefant, and many others.

Edit: I believe that the lowest Pegram went was 1 and the lowest Giles went was -2 ~Anna

In the second round, during which contestants were to name state capitals whilst being bombarded by water balloons, Mitchell Haverty frantically fled from RC Mike, screaming "you'll never catch me" at the top of his lungs. He ran out of bounds, pursued by Mike.

During the final round, staff members verbally assaulted the participants as they attempted to name TIP rules. The brutal attacks delivered by Sam the OSC were enough to make Alspaugh's TiPster, Maddie F., break down and cry. As this was taking place, Mitchell reappeared, still pursued by Mike, who still had water balloons in hand. When Sam announced the scores, I believe it went a little something like this:

"Giles 3, Pegram 5, and I got another TiPster to cry."

Jello Snarfle

As the first fourth year ran up to Snarfle, he arranged all the Jello bowls in a circle and began to play duck duck goose with them. When they didn't participate, he began to get upset and yell at them. Then he hit them with a lead pipe. (This was Chris Bassil, which is why it is significant that he did not die in the dorm entrance.)

Dizzy Bat

Alspaugh was almost disqualified from this event for not having any people on their team. But they made it with two seconds to spare. Once the event began, the fourth years played baseball while 2nd and 3rd years made themselves sick.


The original members of the team, Eric Mefford, Hassan Masroor, James Baxter, and Terricia Soyombo also tied both pairs of shoes together. This made the baseball game MUCH more interesting. Disloyal pegramites cheered them on.


Samir put on a blindfold and began playing foosball blind. Meanwhile, Sam yelled out directions to Samir, such as "THE BALL! ITS BY YOUR GUY! NO! THE OTHER GUY!" Midway through the event, Sam got a redcard, and Samir had to play completely on his own for the rest. (Sadly, he actually won anyways, which only goes to show.) Also, celebrated each goal extensively, even taking off his borrowed soccer jersey at one point. Jones failed a drug test from Mike Sori at one point and was banned from competition for the rest of the day.


Not much for this one, really.

Paper Straw Relay

This is the one where everyone has a piece of paper, and they have to pass it down the line by sucking in on paper straws to hold the paper. The fourth years threw away the paper, played dizzybat with the straws, and then rejoiced wildly when they finished first.

Boat Race

The fourth years pretended that they were a submarine. Daag and Mike Sori acted as the submarine's shields and weapons, throwing water balloons at oncoming RCs and literally diving in front of water balloon and water bucket attacks, often screaming "WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!"

Tug of War

Nat and Eliot staged a protest against war. ("Not tug of war, man...HUG OF PEACE!) A rousing chorus of "Give Peace a Chance" ensued. This eventually led to the Llama cheer "Give Llama a Chance" during the protests (See the relevant article, wherever that is.). Edit: They also surrounded AC/DC and took him to the ground while singing "Give Peace a Chance", and threw his viking hat. AC/DC was not actually harmed, however. ~Anna