Thug Thursday

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A spirit day of Duke East Term II. It takes place on the Thursday of the second week. This particular Thursday, you don't choose the thug life. The thug life chooses you. Guys, it's time to dress for the thug life. Ladies, you will borrow clothes from men. Aim for outfits like these:


In 2013, Thug Thursday was changed to "Shirt and Tie Thurday" by the administration. Everybody continued to ear thug outfits, but many wore a tie with it. One speaker at the talent show at the end of the term denounced this change, claiming that it would always be Thug Thursday.

Although never officially announced, many theorize that this change was implemented due to the George Zimmerman case, which ended the day before.

Thug Thursday Revision

Because of the controversy, Thug Thursday was changed to Thrift-shop Thursday as of 2016. The ladies choose between guys' or tacky clothing, while the guys dress in their most interesting pieces of clothing.