TiP Friendship Bracelet

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A tradition begun at UGA Term One 2015, the TiP Friendship Bracelet was created during the friendship bracelet evening activity by Brooklyn (Brooke) Crabtree. It is kept on the lanyard for protection and the holder is meant to represent kindness, love, and the overall spirit of TiP. Even though TiP Spirit has been abolished, the holder is seen as someone like TiP Spirit and embodies the program and the love that comes with it. The holder is usually known by the entire term as someone you can talk to about anything and will jump at any opportunity to spread that TiP is love. The TiP Friendship bracelet is passed down each year.

  • The creator and first holder of the TiP Friendship Bracelet is Brooke Crabtree, UGA Term One 2015.
  • Passed down to Riley Scoggins, UGA Term One 2016
  • Passed down to Ivy Roberts, UGA Term One 2017.