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Tradition started in Term 1 2015 at UGA. TiP Giant is passed down to the tallest third year, and TiP Munchkin is passed down to the shortest third year. The original TiP Giant was John Reese, and he stands at 6 feet 8 inches. The original TiP Munchkin was Bailee Hayden, she stands at 5 foot even (it is known that Hannah Myers and Cheyenne/Wren were, in fact, shorter than Bailee, but due to the fact that Bailee was smaller in… certain areas… it was decided to be given to her). TiP Giant got passed down to Dylan and TiP Munchkin got passed down to Evalee/Augie.

TIP GIANT 2015: John Reese 2016: Dylan/Willow Clyne 2017:

TIP MUNCHKIN 2015: Bailee Hayden 2016: Evalee Mason/Augie Green 2017: Scottie Pearson-Thompson 2018: Toni JeBailey 2019: Valerie Carver