TiP Jesus (East 1, 2005)

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TiP Jesus was a concept developed in 2005 East 1. He is distinguished from Real World Jesus in that His supreme commandment, more or less, seems to be "have fun." For example: "leave room for TiP Jesus" would actually mean "dance closer together." NOTE: TiP Jesus is not real, much like Canada, David Gaviria's intelligence, people who think socks and sandals are cool, (Heresy detected and removed, wouldnt want to be offensive.)

However, as of term 1 of 2007, there was someone that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere during the second saturday dodgeball game. He and his friend went over to the bassett side and owned both the forces of alspaugh and brown in two games. On the second game, jesus was taken out by the great seth pottle and the youngers were able to win. The last game, jesus was taken out once by ryan but was ressurected. After, he killed all of the opposing team, despite ry an's and seth's power hits and other's good dodging skills, especially seokmin of brown who was one of the last one to be taken out on all three games. He however, was not very good at thrwoing or catching, so mostly served as a target for jesus which he doged four times but were unable to dodge the third. After this game, this mysterious person was called jesus and the opposing team was often called "powned in the face by the fist of god."