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An idea that sits in the minds of all tipsters is the possibility of going to TIP year round. Three weeks a year is incredible, but don’t we all want more? Different people probably have different ideas as to what such a school would be like. Would there be different campuses or just one giant one? Would they separate us by age? Academic ability? TiP Age? The only thing we know for sure is that it would be awesome.

The few ideas that most tipsters agree on include

  • It should be a boarding school
  • only tipsters should be invited

One idea for TiP School is much closer to actual School, this model would have each Tipster taking a bunch of classes a day (like ordinary school), with required classes taking place in the morning and elective classes in the afternoon. Under this model, the school could be housed on US soil, and would be pretty awesome, but not as awesome as the next model.

The second idea for TiP School would have to take place in some country run by TiP. as it might violate the basic curriculum rules here. This plan would require that people receive basic math, science, reading, and history through middle school, at which point you would chose one class each 3 weeks explore that topic in depth. The advantage of this is simple, its more like actual TiP.