TiP West Term 1 Fourth Year Wills 2015

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This is a page containing the full wills of the Fourth Years at TiP West Term 1 2015. The word limit was 100 words, down from 150 in 2014. Several TIPsters exceeded it, whether it be from not turning their Wills in on time(Max I'm looking at you) or some other reason.

Sarah's RAG

Laura Dietz

I, Laura being of sound mind and tall body, here by bequeath: Roman-the ability of clairvoyance, Sabrina- my unfound confidence, Thomas- all my SpongeBob eyes, Morgan- the ability to hit Frisbees away, Anton- extra tallness, Max- a glass of water to quench his thirst, Mr. Mom- refrigerator drawings, Sarah- Bagpipes, Ryan-ALL the bananas, Bunny- anything but sugar, Melanie- dank animes, Amy Lee-the ocean, Allison-fandom shirts; if any, Jack-all the death Frisbee throws, Frankie- the communist manifesto, Adult rankie- my strange faces, Sam- the name Cheryl, and all fourth years- memories, you're almost there.

Samantha Abolos

I, Samantha Abolos, of questionable mind and body leave Amy a working finger; Sarah the ocean; Olivia Pringles; Madison Dan Howell; Rachel a singular granola; Mary a sock and Timumba; Erin the namesake of team Alpha; Christy my dance moves; Brooke my fingerprint; Rishika a lifetime of popularity; Laura a chance to get her life together; Zoey a better laptop; Lizabeff a sense of humor; Bunny a working voice; Nisha Nutella; Sophie a coffee pot; Abbie the nickname Simbala; My RAG the ocean and finally to my class many maggot masses

Amy Lee Brown

I, Amy Lee Brown, of salty mind and strange body, hereby bequeath the following: To Christy, my amazing dance moves and loud quarters. To Dorothy, my big toes and old soul. To Michelle, my muscles (or lack thereof). To Olivia, all the Pringles and mattresses on the floor. To Bunny, death stares. To Laura, the never-working popcorn button. To Madison, the entire ocean in one drop. To Julie, my dissected cat and abnormal rib cage. To Rachel, speed walking to breakfast and the bench on the quad. To Sam, my hand wound and mom skills. Peace out.

Madison Howell

I, Madison Howell, bequeath Amy a drop of the ocean and a pencil; Olivia- a foam finger and all the Pringles; Julie- a lake to get pushed into and all hydrochloric acid; Samantha- 10 grand sand; Lizzy- good music; Elizabeth- a Bob Ross painting and bubbles; Connor- non-floating clothes; Rhona- pack of gum; Christy- a push-pop; Kent- an outlet; Melanie- nothing because she says that's how it works but actually shorts and sunglasses; Paul- sanitizer; Rachel- a 3:1 ratio of granola to yogurt; Sarah- non-fat hallway quotes and cat photos; Spencer- a new school, and Bunny some cool hats.

Olivia Minor

I Olivia Minor bequeath unto Madison the cure to mad cow's disease and my invite to your beach house; unto Julia common sense and lipstick; unto Samantha my assertion of dominance; unto Elizabeth regular milk; unto Paul hear gel; unto Amy Lee my key; unto Rachael a lemur with potato crisps; unto Lizzy my cartwheel abilities; unto Bunny the nickname; unto Melanie absolutely nothing cause that's how it works; unto Angela my dance moves; unto Christy ice cream; unto Sarah I bequeath my cult movie knowledge and David Bowie; to everyone else my undying consideration.

Melanie Becker

I, Melanie, being of wandering mind and admittedly petite body, hereby bequeath the following: Sabrina- my obnoxious self-confidence; Jack- whatever sanity I can claim because he needs it more than I do; Anton- my mad League skillz; Steph- a fantastic actual fourth year; Thomas- all the Spongebob eyes in Penn Pavilion and Zephyrhills; Stephanie- my supreme mastery of mainstream anime; Claire's RAG- I'd leave you something but y'all are already perfect; Coleman- my Will of Fire; Every single 4th year- a shoulder to cry on and a permanent friend. Fam Squad (Everyone: thank you all, infinitely, for changing my life.)

Rachel Crisp

I, Rachel Crisp, of chill mind and snazzy body, hereby bequeath the following: to Amy Lee my normal ribs; to Dorothy my soul (or lack thereof); to my Primate Class my spontaneous singing and adopted name; to Auset and Elizabeth my love of DUML; to Madison my head injuries; to Sam half of my bench; to Olivia a turtle with a beret; to Julia loud laughter; to Melanie Sunday pjs; to those unnamed a side hug and love. K thanks byeee.

Stephanie "Bunny" Boozalis

I, Stephanie (Bunny), being of unstable mind and hyper body, do bequeath the following: Maggie– My thirst, Maria– My love and affection, Anna– My dancing skills, Lulu, Zoey Steph– The "Jugglers", Steph Taylor– TRASH SQUAD, Steph– My flirting skills, Lizzie– My eating habits, Eric– Head scratches, Sasha– My heart, Nikhil– Strong pull game, Skai– My promise to keep in contact, Elaine– My superman hat (jk), Forensics Science–, Pixi Stix/hyperness, Erin, Zoey, Akhil– Acapella Squad, Laura– My advice, Franki– My love of your art, Becca– Remy,AmyLee– My life, Rachel– RomCom moments, Olivia– NICKNAME, Martina– Shipping, Everyone– all the memories

Maggie Woodruff

I, Maggie Woodruff, of glorious mind and mediocre body do bequeath: Ally Morcus - all the love in the world & my presence at Forecastle, Jason - a sense of decency, Cooper - peanut butter, Nutella & my memory, Alana - sexy stair poses, Bunny - Marvel shirts, Elizabeth - Arkansas chill, Dorothy - ice cream bars, Max - a glass of water, Becca - support on a 12, Better Jason - raging Arkansas spirit, Sam - roadkilled armadillo & cute boys, Nikhil and Andrew - an infinite amount of redlights, Eric - my feminine grace, Taylor - plethora of Ruffles, LuLu - banana with a seret message, Eli - murder mystery novels, My classmates - gorilla finished

Elizabeth Sack

In peppy mind and jittery body, I bequeath the following: Maria – happy Instagrams, Becca – Skai and socks, Alana – artistic flair, Max – blinking, Anna Rachel – love of DUML, Julia, Madison, Olivia, Amy Lee – cures to insanity/annoyingness, Maggie, ally – scalpel to detach you from the hip and Yankees (y'all rock), Auset – Auntie Barbara and blue hair dye. I love you. Thanks for being there for me. Second-/third-years: Dancing eating, and laughs. Fourth-years: Just do you, never stop. Take TIP as a stepping stone to the great things that you will accomplish. So much love, Elizabeth Sack

Peter's RAG

Carter Wilhite

Carter Wilhite: I leave my hat to myself. That is all. Goodnight.

Gene "Edward" Bryan

Gene (Edward) Bryan: I, Gene Bryan being of beautiful mind and camouflaged body, bequeath the following... Pinky rubber balls to Carter Lowe and Jack Arndt, a lone yellow Starburst to Connor Castleberry, X-tra long pretzel sticks to Dang Nguyen, double five-stars to the shoulders to Kevin Bowerman, an extremely low limbo stick to Jason Ly, the sound of a watermelon to William Doe, a tumor-laden black football to Jason Raiti, my eternal love to the TIP lunch ladies, ice cream taped to the wall to Teddy (Spider-Man) Hill, a plane ticket to Missouri to Michael Brown, and a large, mutated cockroach to Peter

William Dou

William Dou: I, William Dou, being of dank mind and rotund body, bequeath the following to: Max: 1 Full Glass of Water; Drew: Sum Peanutbutter; Connor: 1 Yellow Starburst;); Cobah: 1 Full-Length Moon-Landing Tape; Teddy A Web-Shooter; Michael: Bofa-on-a-Sofa; The Lunch Ladies: Our eternal love; Miranda: My legendary speed skill-Z; Jason Spa Nightttt; Roman: 2015 (We're better than this.); Peter: The cockiest cockroach ; Jack: Rose; Connor: My Firstborn (And a fragrant bead necklace); Benjamin: Torn up comics; Joel: JUICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE; Dang; 1 pretzel stick; Mr. Surratt: PRECISELY 1 unicorn glitter-fart per fortnight (for his entire life); Gene: Several Roly Poly Fish Heads

Connor Castleberry

Connor Castleberry: I, Connor Castleberry being of able mind and body bestow upon the following: XL pretzel sticks and ERS skills to Dang, all ice-cream taped to walls to Spider-Man, Chance the rapper music to Michael, ALL OF MY LOVE AND FREEDOM TO THE TIP LUNCH LADIES, Rubix cubes to Hayes, cockroaches to Peter, heavy metal to Jack, a wet toilet paper roll to Benjamin, ugliness to Justin, my frisbees to Kevin Gan, sad cold coffee to Taylor, broken arms and legs to Gene, any frisbee skills I have that are useful to Esther, and a speck of dust to Richard.

Michael Brown

Michael Brown: I, Michael Brown, being of stable mind and so-so body bequeath the following: to Spiderman, none of my key lime cookies (because he ate them all), to Justin, 150 of my Instagram followers, to Connor, my chess set, to the lunch ladies, all of my gratitude, to Joel, an orange, and to Jason 15 hours of sleep to make up for waking him up for the morning runs.

John "Jack" Arndt

John (Jack Arndt: I, Jack Arndt, being of childish mind and pale skinny body, hereby bequeath upon the following people the following items. To Connor, I give one yellow Starburst. To Hayes I give all of my anger and frustration due to his dubes of torture. To Spider-Man I give ice cream taped to the wall. To Conner the TA I leave all of my Plutonium 239

Dang Nguyen

Dang Nguyen: I, Dang Nguyen, of empty mind and definitely non-empty body bequeath The Fault in Our Starbursts to Connor. Elizabeth gets DEEZ NUTZ and ripped 5-year-olds. Natalie gets Kevin-Kantor doll that yawns when back-poked. Maya gets hard elephant-shaped cookies. Isabelle/Ashbelle gets napkins Grace gets an opened door. My RAG gets no flux and a heart that always goes on. Debbie gets some ships. Neuroscience gets jabs. Old Science Center Staff lady gets a shove. I leave Jason and co. 2 claps and 3 knocks. Jenna gets jelly-beans. Peter gets a cockroach country now-pop singer. And to GeorgiaTech-stranded Emily, my future.

Theodore "Teddy" Hill

Theodore (Teddy) Hill: I, Teddy Hill, being of Spidey mind and friendly neighborhood body, bequeath the following to- Max C, Paul's gallon of water; Connor, one starburst; Kevin, my most savage roast; Christian, a whip; Remy, the spoiled ending to Game of Thrones; Paul, the worst horror movie every; Jason, a grapefruit with a hole; Michael, more key lime cookies (sry); Gene, Lebron James; Dang, 12" pretzel sticks; Max G, 1000000 Perrier; William, watermelon sounds; Daniel, my pull game; Penn Pavilion Ladies, my everlasting love <3; Sasha bomb sunglasses; Holden, one very dirty beanie; Roman, 2015; Joel, one juiced orange

Max Gilchrist

Max Gilchrist: By Max Gilchrist, To Maya Lyles, I leave conversation topics and the title of Kepper of Lore and Traditions. To KJ4UBL, I leave the proof of how ohms law was disproven. To @justinseo7, I leave all of my instagram followers. To Esther Son, I leave a chance of winning the staff game. To Fratboi Fox I leave 3 more x's. To Joel, I leave CO2 morse code. To Switchblad, I leave a non-hammer related idea. RIP HAM radio. Watch me whip watch me KJ.

Winston "Hayes" Way

Winston (Hayes) Way: I, Hayes, Way, bequeath the following to: Cooper: my gearshift cube; Jack: the remainder of my Rubik's cube collection; Leaf: my height, better taste in music, and $20 of cardboard; Connor: a single yellow starburst; Peter the RC: a box of cockroaches; Paul: admiration for tip tradition; Markus: an L and a U; Aaron: facial expressions; Chris: sports knowledge; Will: popcorn pizza and broccoli ice cream; Carter: glass and metal

Jason Raiti

Jason Raiti: I, Jason Raiti, being of perpetually sober mind and sea turtle body bequeath the following- To Conner 1 yellowstarburst; To SpiderMan "take me"; To Michael's mom thank you note; To Michael best wingman award; To Dang an ample harem; To Max water; To Peter roaches pj's and Wendy's; To The Lunch Ladies my revolutionary fervor; To Ally... Mooooo; To Maggie a hot brother; To cooper my 160 pound remains; To 8 year old Jason/kevin Apple flavored pills; To Alana an elephant electrode; To Devon the ladies; To Taylor the west side gang; To roman 2015

Max Correa

I, Max Correa, of forgetful mind and confusing body, hereby bequeath the following: To Elaine Lowinger, almost a decade of good friendship, awkward semidating, and hat stealing; to Elizabeth an awkward first dance and subsequent good friendship; to Ally a piece of broken cello and a very happy birthday; to Chloe absolutely nothing and a restraining order; to Coleman a piece of cello and all my knowledge of TiP, to William D. The Eyesboorg; to Max G. the bond formed in sharing a name and in a mutual instrument; to Jason R a condom and a glass of water, to Jason L fond memories of your family and a fist bump for Sophia; to Becca H. Remy, a black shirt, and snarky responses to everything; to Remy Becca H; to Becca S. Awkward and/or sobering 1am texts, crazy dance skills, and GG208; to Stillman, the Bags touch; to Sam, Mad Hose; to Kyle G. All my frisbee skill; to Rylee, Maud, Cecilia, and Sarah, pieces of cello and an awkward donut dance proposal; to Kenna, a dance proposal with donuts, a subsequently amazing dance, a cello piece, and a mild liking of one during the last week #wetried; to Aly, refusal to take the Rice Purity Test; to Cooper, extremely low RPT scores; to Alana, a black shirt and my true RPT score(37); to Ryan B. inhuman frisbee skills; to RC Josh the rebirth of a tradition and EMoney; to Anna, Bunny, Maria, and affiliates; fam squad; to Roman, fangirls and broken cellos; to Margaux and Sophia B. each other and the Little Mermaid song; to Franki Snorts; to Steph Lund, your brothers manwhoreness; to Anna Weaver, the hope that your RPT score stays a 100; to Maria Anderson, ungiven thanks for girl advice; to Ben the second year, eyebrow tweezers; to Connor Castleberry, a pink starburst; to Auset Taylor, your badass dance moves and ability to co lead in sandstorm; to Phoenix Stewart, a rad haircut, A1 shorts, and 1 Gallon of Tuscan Whole Milk; to Nisha Klein, the fabulous queen, all the snarkiness and my last shred of happiness and dignity; to Lulu Davis, many rejected Hi-fives, my lanyard, and the confirmation that most of the boys here thought you were hot; to Aly Francone, ticklishness and some muscle mass; to James Kennedy, I leave a squirrel(it's part of nature, watch out)

People that are not here: to Tyler, Bae; to Henry Santer and Drew, each other; Grace McCullough, hot boys; to Maddie Smiley I leave condiment towers; to Maggie I leave moos and shitting of ones self; to Sonali Grellow Pride and the honor of being my oldest tip friend; to Sarah Kinney; Victor Redko; to Sarah Leonardis, all my love; to Jacob Thompson, my gratefulness for lore of TiP; to Sophia Ly, many fist bumps; to Rachel Meade, another forehead kiss; to the Sands twins, an apology for my jokes about Google hangouts; to Sean Murphy, a cute date to the last dance with Evan; to Evan Cote, Birds that roar and my depression that you couldn't make it to your fourth year; to Alyson Win; Becca Hentges and random snapchats; to Stone Chen; my Cards Against Humanity; to Wolf, flick game; to Fahim Chowdhury; our physical similarities; to Alyson Win and Jordan Couceyro, everything and titanic; to Chrissy, low key bitch faces when I was on the roof; to Jordan Couceyro I leave the future of BBYO Region #53.

To everyone who was at any of my terms, years or at TiP in general, good times and friends. Finally, to TiP: I leave my soul, my tears, my laughs, my bellowings of American Pie, 4 of the best summers of my life, and love. I'm going to miss you. And in good BBYO taste: With undying love for Duke TiP, broken Cellos, Grellow, Penn Pavilion, Kanye West, DJ Bearclaw, TiPsync, The Last Night, Frankism, West Campus, Davidson, Few and Kilgo Quads, the Dust Bowl(may it last forever), awkward forehead touching, Neuroscience, Modern Medicine, Forensic Science, Social Psychology, and friends that became family, I remain 4th Year 4th Year Max Etan Correa. I hope you did all you could. I hope you drove your Chevy to the Levee. I hope you wanted the world to see you even if they didn't understand. I hope you had the time of your life. Because I did

Paul Kim

I, Paul Kim, hereby bequeath the following: To Julia, my bowling score; To Kelly, foreign accents; To Grace, shark drawings; To Eric, one point on my purity test and fruity hot sauce; To Daniel M., fruity gum; To Jason Z., my immunity to peanuts; To Madison, Julia and Music Midtown tickets; To Olivia, edible paint remover and Midtown tickets; To Holden, a red hunting hat and grey hair; To Becca S., a shattered tradition; To Taylor T., my acting skillz; To Biotech, I leave HAHA; To Peter, real pants; To Max C., a glass of water; To Jessica, a churro

Patricia's RAG

Auset Taylor

I, Auset Taylor, bequeath in sexy mind and awkward body: Devon - black people moments; Olivia - Fetty Wap; Taylor - attractiveness; Becca - reason I'm not straight/dance-offs; Sasha - Awesasphobia/cure to cancer; Tommi - being salty/petty/confrontational; Alana - lollipops; Hunter - being trap; Anna - cinnamonbons; Ally - laughs; Max - high-fives; Frankie - hair-dye; Sophia - visits; Maria - best roommate ever #iloveyou/best music taste; Kanise - best dances ever; Patricia - my love/ adoration and my insta info #followback; 4th year girls - the baddest, friendliest girls. I LOVE Y'ALL. ; Elizabeth - all my love/soul. I love you so much Thanks for being my best friend.

Elizabeth Dogbe

I, Elizabeth Dogbe, of queenly body and fabulouser than you mind, bequeath: to Nisha, all my powdered milk (and chocolate powder). To Stevs, a personality, empathy, and that dollar from before. To Ma'am, a thousand jabs in the face. To John, a dash of my height (so you can be tall enough). To Grace and Maya, soft and hard cookies. To Debbie, #Mayang2015. To Madison and Olivia, gratitude for leftovers. To Neuroscience, YOFO (words to live by), and to my RAG, waiting for the bus in the rain. Finally, to Dang, I leave commitment, And to Haniya...GOT 'EM!

Tommi Andersen

I Tommi Andersen, of Midwestern mind and Ohioan body, hereby bequeath the following: Claire: The drool after every time you fell asleep in class, and endless amounts of Brookside Pomegranate Chocolates. Daniel: Hilarious memories of being locked outside at night, and a place in my heart forever. Auset: all our sideways glances after hearing people's weird conversations. Dorothy: Infinite motivation and workout advice. Alana: Memories of being the best roommate I could've possible had. Justin: Your screams after watching Insidious 2. Drew, Sam, and Hunter: Every moment of laughter from the beginning of TIP to the end.

Alana Shukovsky

I, Alana Shukovsky, of healthy mind and unhealthy body, do hereby bequeath the following: My heart to Claire and soul to Hunter. Also to Claire I leave 2-pound bags of Swedish Fish, Sane, the tradition of sneaking into each other's rooms a bit too often, and along with Brooks, the honor of being one of my best friends for hopefully the rest of my life. To Ally, Maggie, and Jason, I leave regrets. To Emma and Sam I leave my hotness and Hunter, Lastly, to my roommate Tommi, I leave the sadness of being a first year TiPster. Much love.

Rebecca Shipman

I, Rebecca Shipman, being of hipster mind and trash body, bequeath the following: Other Me- Remy; the Jugglers- ketchup and the tree; Maria- Whoopi Goldberg, platonic marriage and "WHAT'S IN THE BAG"; Bunny- nose wiggles; Katherine- behind the book; Anna- Cinnabon; Elizabeth- socks; Auset- beats; Frankie- faithful handymen; Soapy- adorableness; Dorothy- fitness; Eric- footrests; Steph- superiority; Amy Lee - Iliña; Maggie- challenge accepted; Alana- traditions; Erin- tiny smoll; Max- bros; Elaine- bruh; Biotech- false pretenses; Lollipop Guild- love and memories; 4th Years- candy and handprints; Heather "Last Night on Earth" and friendship; and TIP- my home, my heart, and American Pie.

Lili Hostetler

I, Lili Hostetler ,being of sound mind (?) and short body leave the following to other TIPsters. To abnormal Psychology, a turtle names Joseph (who gives financial advice). To Moira, encouragement to rule the world. To Peyton, encouragement to know everything. To Sabrina, a bunch of purple flowers. To Lily, gratefulness that I was able to share my experience at TIP with you again. No Noelle and Rachel,thanks. You've been some of the nicest people I've met. To incoming TIPsters,courage to make new friends. Finally, to other 4th years, good luck on the road ahead. I'll miss you guys.

Dorothy Chan

I, Dorothy Chan, of gregarious body and avaricious mind hereby bequeath the following items: to Amy Lee, I leave cards against humanity; to Michelle, I leave my sample perfume for your stank shirts, red apples, and my void soul; to Nikhil Jimmy Johnson, Andrew Jackson, and Ryan Fernandez, I leave my hands (frisbee hands) and my love for ice cream bars; to Julia, I leave my thoughts on the human race; To Maggie, I leave my online, in- class- ordered, Abercombie bikini; to Haniya, I leave my Asian take0 out noodles and my rap skillz. Long Live Mamá Patricia.

Michelle Tzeng

I, Michelle Tzeng, in sound mind and sound body, bequeath the following; to Dorothy, my rap/workout songs, athletic shorts from Kohl's, "toned" calves and muscles, workout plans, quarters for laundry, initial whip, my weirdness, and all the times we spent as friends; to Amy Lee, alcohol wipes, band-aids, and honey-roasted peanuts; to Julia, my "xox-Betsy"/fake Ray Bands, jacket, and sassy personality; to Rachel, chicken fingers; to Richard, whole wheat crackers and (the cure to) cancer; to Anna, gun, coffee, and my slow walking pace; to Patricia, my inability to get into Yale.

Rachel Berry

I, Rachel Berry, or sound mind and awkward body hereby bequeath the following: to taylor, sad, cold, instant coffee; to Sarah, a dictionary of all the "lingo" she needs to know; to Noelle, a lifetime supply of earl grey tea and Nutella, thanks for being such a great roommate; to my rag, more buses to wait for in the rain and many, many lollipops; to my class, claps; to Chloe, and endless supply of Mountain Dew to drink straight from the bottle; to Grace, Phillipe and Petunia's grave; to Stephanie, first pick on evening activities; to future tipsters, Kilgo.

Julia Koh

I bequeath Olivia a dictionary and some dry shave; Madison, a farm, flesh-eating bacteria, a brain that doesn't pop, NaOH, and a better laugh; Lizzie, some good music; Amy Lee, a better rib cage; Connor, a bra; Kent, a scalpel and Spencer, a better lab partner; Christie, my dissected cat; Paul, some relationship advice; Melanie, some better anime choices; Rachel, a shirt with better-placed hand prints; Maria and Anna, Zac Efron; Michelle and Dorothy, some golden apples and unlimited sleepovers; and to everyone, my undying love. Thank you for the greatest year ever. Sincerely, Julia Koh

Noelle Stroud

I, Noelle Stroud, being of eternal mind and omnipotent body, hereby bequeath the following: to Jack, leadership of the Jar-Jar Binks cult, a high five-fist bump hybrid, toothpaste walls, and a frontal hug; to Rachel, some chicken fingers, laundry skills, hipster clothes, and a good grade on your calculus midterm (because I distracted you the whole time you were meant to be studying); to Lili, all of my best music recs and a certain fourth year; to 50% of Cathy's RAG, my thanks for letting me pretend I'm one of them; to Aly, one of my eyes; to Lulu, my other eye, Capuchin video, a smuggled biscuit with grape jelly, a rat named Patricia, a bird stripper, and a banana with a heart badly carved into it; to Taylor, my copy of The Phantom Menace, the only Star Wars film that matters, freedom from the sports camps you're being held hostage in, 2016, and the whitest, girliest tumblr possible; to Sam, my rarest Pepes, an arm wrestle, a slightly lower leadership position in the Jar Jar Binks cult, a Sam Delmefish, some class, and a FIGHT; to Eli, my life's savings, some aliases, and Steve Buscemi; to Ceilia, the haircut over which we bonded; to Sarah, my thanks for gracing me with her magical presence; to Katherine, Larry becoming confirmed, chinese food, and that sleepover we never had; to Eric, some sleep; to Coleman, thanks for caring; to Natalie, yawn; to the Grass Cult, Saint Augustine grass, Taylor's smoothie, stupid inside jokes, and that one bench; to Neuroscience, a banana expressing my love, gorilla finished, evolutionarily speaking, I Robot, and Felicia; to my RAG, buses in the rain; to my sister Laura, hope that you will go to TiP one day so that I can live vicariously through you; to TiP, my thanks for being a part of this community. Even though I only went one year, I've come away with so many great friends, memories, and strange attachments to shoelaces. I love and miss you all.

Katherine McVay

I, Katherine McVay, being of crazy mind and unbalanced body, I hereby bequeath- to BeccaS. that smoothie I never bought you and better horcruxes. To Maria confusion and love. To Anna my boxers and all my candy that was in your room. To Steph PDF links, room numbers, and SourPatchKids. To BeccaH. Remy. To Noelle sunscreen and selfies. To Michelle and Dofothy leg lift videos. To Melanie and Bunny cheese balls #throwback. To my RAG lots of food. To Biotech a grossly excessive amount of cytokines. To TIP my hears, my soul, and the person you have helped me become.

Anna Weaver

I, Anna, Being of adorable mind and pure body, hereby bequeath the following:Maria- sweaters, HSM; Steph- seahorses, Griffin, honor; Elaine- guy selfies, CHF; Will- [Bible verses], Daoism; Baby Steph- fierce; Jack, Melanie- headband game; Anton, Melissa- utopia; Laura- Frisbee; Fam-squad- mad snap skillz, Bafaba; Bunny- dancing skills; Katherine- food; Julia- Audacity, sass; Auset, Elizabeth- dinner-and-a-show; Becca- "polar opposites"; Tommi, Noelle- hair game; Elizabeth- best-roommate-status; Samantha- Mafia; Duardogg, Matt- fruit; Patricia- my college acceptance; my RAG- buses, floods; everyone- one more American Pie; TIP- the best years of my life

Cannon's RAG

Remy Turnstall

I, Remy Turnstall, of lethal mind and illest body, do hereby bequeath the following to the respective recipients: To Maya: All of my confidence and charisma; To Daniel M.: A Randy Moss highlight reel, since he won't be mossing anyone himself; To Kevin: Normal sunglasses; To Christian: A lifetime of guilt and regret; To KJ4UBL: Partial ownership of Black Magic™; To the future TiPster Wyatt T: Partial ownership of Black Magic

Jack Maxfield

I, Jack Maxfield, leave behind my apathy.

Kevin Boomerman

Kevin Boomerman. I elave the most thunderous of booms to boom squad and Cannon, my instagram followers to @justinseo7, my handpicked flower to Hannah. i leave becca boom. I leave KJ4UBL all of my dots and dits, Joel the majority of my juice, to our fallen comrade E-money$$$ the rest of my juice. Boom. I leave minimal frames to the fresh prince, Fratboi Fox three more X's, Cash money$$$ to green team, my kitten to Grace, Switchblad my hammer. I leave the TiP legendary disc to Esther, Black Magic to Luke, and 2015 to everyone. Boom, now watch me KJ.

Paul Bromley

I, Paul Bromley, leave to all those who have been wishing for access to Steam, my Duke ID. Username: mpb32; Password: **********

(Firstname?) "Dom" (Lastname?)

I leave the most deafening BOOMS to the Boom Sqaud and the honorary members. The only thing I regret at my time at TIP is that I didn't go to TIP my second year. To Leaf I give programming skillz. To all Tipsters I leave the knowledge that west is best and east is least. To Roman I leave 2015. To $hia I leave a surprise. BOOM. ~Dom

Aaron Corona

Aaron Corona: To boom squad I leave boom. To Hayes I leave my sweet moves. i leave becca boom. To Jason and Chris, I leave my bed. To all 4th years I give nostalgia. To Cannon I give all future booms. To programming for video games I leave agar.io. I leave permission to use the bathroom to Cooper. To James I leave a bear trap. I leave no regrets to everyone.

Will Josowitz

I was Will Josowitz. Now watch me RIP. Jack- hugs. Jason- apples. Sabrina- goats. Becca- boom. Will Smith- dududu. Remy- RIP Recca. Thomas- my vampire child. Chris- a hair cut. Anton- Puffle (IGN LoL). Melonknee- my smash skills. Ryan- grace-fulness. Grace- headphones (did it). Eduardo- a Mama goat. Matt- fruit. Anna- a fennec fox. Maria- im not a doctor. Shia- my stump leg. Elaine- famsquad book club leadership. Aaron- books. Steph- benadryl and hershey kisses. Now watch me... never come back to TiP. The feels. Boom.

Will Smith

Will Smith does leave the following. Boom Squad - my most thunderous of booms. Maya and Becca - reading from books in my sensual voice, and the duplex, i leave becca boom, and the H-Town legacy. @Justinseo7 - my nonexistent Instagram followers. KJ4UBL - all my Dits and Dots. Jason - singing emotional songs together. Joel - most of my juice and our fallen comrade, E-Money$$$, what remains of my juice. Kevin - saving frames. Fratboi Fox – three more X's. Haley - broken ceilings. Switchblad - a hammer and screwdriver. Bennett – a Champ's bid. Boom, watch me KJ

James Kennedy

James Kennedy: I leave second year Kyle the name Kevin I leave boom to becca and the boom squad I leave my incredible sandwich to Chris I leave my bear trap sign to Josh's rag I leave my hypnotism spoon and skills to leaf I leave my hatred of people who give cupcakes to homeless people to the social psyc class I leave the ceiling to Haley I leave the Shia labeouf toothbrush to Shia labeouf I leaqve my garbage metal music to Frankie I leave duplex to becca I leave a po boy to Chris and I leave my

Ryan Babb

I, Ryan Babb, of sound mind and dreamy body leave the following. To Andrew, being dreamy and desirable. To Boom Squad, a thunderous "Boom". To Dorothy, my depth perception. To Sam, "Gorilla Finished". To Christian, hops. To Grace, pizza. To Taylor, sports camp. To Jonathan, a banana message. To Nikhil, being "phantastic". To Lulu, my grass ring. i leave becca boom. To Coleman, his special throw. To Chris, French. To Remy, all my "Ty'd" hats. To Cannon, my boom and my snacks. To Green Team, Cash Money. To Kevin, spa night. To Jason apples. To Holden, nutmeg. Boom!!!

Jason Ly

Jason Ly: I leave... Ben- The deed to Rapture. Eric- my skills with the ladies. I elave becca boom and asian candy. WilS- 50shades. Sarah- mustard boy. Remy- nothing. Chris- MY EVERYTHING. Spple addiction- world. Shawn- my apathetic face. Riley- AD(insert rest). MayaL- every dirty tradition. Dr. PimplePoper- Sasha. Grace- my $wag. Alex- a good knee. Allison- a boom. Bunny- infinite hugs. Gene- a pink ball. Boom Squad- all the booms. Ally- the spirit of every apple I ate. My class- ELEPHANT. Maggie- my love for Arkansas. Elaine- a better iPod. MaxC- a water bottle (for the thirst). BOOM.

James "Stillman" Hansen

I, Stillman, of witty mind and big bocy, leave the ultimate team, Black Magic, to my younger brother Luke who will be a 2nd year next year. To those of you not on that team, I will leave some Bryan Center food, Because Black Magic will most definitely be eating y'all's lunch. I leave a lifetime supply of laughs and some hair to the Joel. To the fratboi, I leave some inches and an accurate flick. To Cannon I leave lots of loud booms. I leave everything else to the one and only KJ4UBL. I will always love Duke TiP.

Holden Summers

I, Holden Summers, of sick mind and loquacious body hereby bequeath the following: To boom squad, I leave self-restraing; To Daniel M.,, I leave my savage roasting skills; To Christian, I leave Trash Squad; To Biotech, I leave grossly excessive knowledge of cytokines; To Maggie, I leave a new bandana; To Paul, I leave 10,000 water bottles; To Ryan the RC, I leave bananas; To James I leave garbage metal; To Remy I leave Nigel Master of Wit, King of Repartee; To everyone, I leave "Dee"; to Max C. I leave a glass of water.

Josh's RAG

Peyton Capehart

I, Peyton Capehart, in sound mind and healthy body bequeath The following: To Moira Coffman my love for sarcasm and the "pride" of being from the great state of Kansas, To Josh Squash the title of Mr. Mom, To Ally Morcus the memories of before "Lights-out" discussions and our incredible laughter, Because Faith told me to I leave Richard "everything". Becuase she told me to, I leave Becca Remy. (I don't think I'm allowed to actually leave him to anyone.) To all future Tipsters, I leave the thirst for knowledge, and a safe place to express yourself.

Sasha Rice

I, Sasha Rice, being of scattered mind and unstable body, bequeath the following: To Taylor: 1,9 lbs of sour patch kids; To Auset: hot indian guy; To Olivia: a looser swimsuit; To Elaine: speakers that ARE NOT NICE and nonfunctioning fairy lights; To Jackson: headphones; To Teddy: sunglasses; To Bunny: a bird to remember my name; To Ally: the gift that keeps on giving; To Maggie: sunscreen; To Becca: Remy; To Better Jason: Dr. Pimple Popper; To Maria: knots; To Sophia: 10-inch heels; To Faith: non-crooked sunglasses; To Josh Squash: love, mops, and memories; And To Mr. Mom: a squash

Becca Hentges

I, Becca Hentges, being of BOOM mind and BOOM body, hereby bequeath; to Davis, my favorite 2nd year 3rd year 1st year, a single rose; to Liz, my adopted daughter, a lesson on object permanence; to Will Smith, the promise that I will show up at your house unexpectedly and you must be wearing pants; to Elaine, the ability to properly dismantle a mop; to Autumn, conversations about the bae when it's too early for me to function; to Maya, my duties as a RAG mom; the the BOOM squad, my never ending thanks and love and to Remy, my...

Faith Finley

I, Faith Finley, being of sassy mind and short body bequeath the following... To Sophia dark chocolate Reece's cups and questionable jumpsuits. To Peyton Panda Express. To Becca a bald cap. To Ally the possibility of questionable diseases. To Sasha better sunglasses. To Jo Cho my hair and lipstick so you to can be Lorde. To Richard my undying love and everything I own. To biology of cancer Mary Poppins, a van, a mafia member, and a scientific article. To josh a squash. And to the josh squash a Vermonster, and endless amount of puns, and lots of love.

Allison Horan

I, Allison Horan, being of tangential mind and unathletic body do bequeath the following: Mr. Mom: compliments to his socks. Elaine: bad puns and my PAtT Button. Frankie: reminder to remove her glasses, my charger, and Grand Theft Autumn. The RAG: my subtly intipropriate sense of humor, great taste in music, and equal judgement. Book Club: my excitement over reading and cuddle piles. Matt and Duarddogg: the country of Scientifiction. Laura: her seat. Sabrina: punk, purple, and blue. Roman: thanks for learning my name. Finally, Future TIPsters: the knowledge that these 12 weeks will be the best of your life.

Sophia Bussey

I, Sophia Bussey, being of questionable mind and short body, hereby bequeath the following: to Frankie, trash bags, to Sasha, fancy aviators, to Sarah, questionable glitter, to Liz, fatherly love, to Faith, dark chocolate Reese's, to Maria, adorability, to Max, a frisbee, to Margaux, hops that you will someday finish New Girl, to Becca, object permanence, to Gecko, your everchanging aesthetic, to Elaine, shared love of volleyballs, to Auset, love of you and your dancing, to my rag, memories and iffy first impressions, and to the 4th years, love and promises to never forget my memories of you all.

Ally Morcus

I, Ally Morcus, of extremely unstable mind & body, hereby bequeath the following to: Maggie: my heart, soul, & entire being (+ Forcastle tickets); Taylor: Ruffles Upon Ruffles Upon Ruffles; Cooper: weights, Nutella, & all my love; Jason: ...mooo; Better Jason (aka Kevin): apples!! Peyton: late-night rants about boy problems; Devon: hair combs for your awesome Afro; Alana: demonic thrusting; Sasha: your democratic republic to compete with my anarchy; Max: glass of water; Bunny: a voice; Becca: Remy; Holden: my presence 1.19 miles away from you; Auset: hot legs & hilarity; Orlando: mascara; Sarah: spice ;) Frankie: snorting; Sophia: caffeine; Elaine: toy piano music; My RAG: infinite, immeasurable love

Frankie Owens

I, Frankie, of extremely (un)sound mind and mildly sound body bequeath the following: smol Laura I liave you birbs; Larg Laura I leave you bad advice; Sophia, I leave you in the trashcan, where you belong; Melanie, I leave you music-less dancing. Forth years, I leave our fantastic year and beautiful, surreal memories; Green babies, I leave you many a memory to come; TIPsters of days yet to be, I leave you my metaphorical shoes, and with for you to fill them so that you too can experience the gorgeous, catastrophic whirlwind that is TiP.

Elaine Lowinger

I, Elaine Lowinger, being of loud mind and decent body, hereby bequeath the following: Max- a lifetime of memories; Allison- Fandom screaming; Sasha- Spongebob quotes; Frankie- art supplies; Becca H.- Remy and the ability to dismantle a mop; Maria- frockets; Anna- cinnamon buns and musicals; Sophia- SINnamon buns and volleyballs; Steph- Seahorses and my water polo hoodie; Ally- no boy drama; Will- Bible goats; Laura- Frisbees; Jack- a haircut; Thomas- Spongebob eyes; Eduardo- Rap skills; Matt- Mattopia; Becca S.- RHPS callouts; Bunny- a functioning voice; Holden- beanies; The Squash- hot messes; Melanie- Cheers to the beginning and the end together.

Autumn Harrison

I, Autumn Harrison, being of jocular mind and salubrious body, hereby bequeath the following: to Remy, I leave Becca, my roomie of two years; treat her well; to Becca, I leave all the potatoes she can consume and deep, philosophical conversations conducted during the midst of REM sleep; to Peyton, I leave the Durham Bulls mascot so that she may take as many photos with it as her heart desires; to Elaine, I leave a limo for her to bring around front and the hottest styles, every shoe, in every color.