TiP is love

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The phrase "TiP is love," although probably not original considering the age of the Talent Identification Program, came to significance at Appalachian State University, Term I, 2007. Those three words express the universal idea that what exists within and around any TiP program is a force undeniable; a force of love. It is now a common phrase passed around TiPsters during that term, but should not be limited to just ASU, and to just the year 2007. It is a rallying cry for all Term I ASU'ers, and hopefully for those of other campuses.

Later, in the fall of 2008, a new form of the phrase came into popularity. TIPsters from ASU were notified of their 'transfer' to UGA campus for second, third, and fourth years, from 2009 and onwards. In response to this, TIPsters shot angry Facebook messages back and fourth to each other and even emailed TIP staffers - but after a while, many of them came to terms with it. One of the most significant messages of this 'We'll be okay' movement was one TIPster's quote in a gigantic Facebook note: "TIP is love, and love transcends all things."