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Definition: any story written about TiP, using TiPsters as characters, or generally using TiPthemes.

Then there's THE TiPfic.

The author is your resident deity GOD, but the idea for it came from two statements:

  • TiP is a secret government organization to get smart kids to breed.
  • Dr. Song (former Evol. of Fantasy Lit. teacher) is wanted by the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, and the Illuminati.

...Okay, we did change that last one. She's working for them. Or at least with some.

A Summary (or at least, the summary of what we've plotted out so far): TiPsters have returned to their beloved Duke East Term II for 2005. But several reinstated (and very sketchy) practices and unexplained phenomena have left the campus with the sense that something is definately different about this year. And we're not just talking about the coed RAGs. Just as our trusty TiPsters are trying to unravel the mystery, they are thrown into the conspiracy themselves by, whatelse, VerMonsters. What exactly was in those oh so sketchy sundaes? Having found themselves in the midst of a giant government coverup, the TiPsters will have to fight against the conspiracy and the apocalypse that threatens everything. Find out the "true" meaning behind the Control Group, ONE, the lack of A/C, and ADFers. Is the Llama a WMD? What side is the Trinity on? What is GLich and why does GOD burst into fits of flailing every time it's mentioned? Exactly where do the tunnels lead? Did the staff really endorse the Brown Sex Pit? Exactly how are the new generation of TiPsters in the know going to remember the incredibly long acronym of their society? And exactly what was that acronym again?

We're trying to incorporate as much TiPlore and authenticity as possible (which is possible why I've been scouring this site for the past week).

The TiPfic is set East Term II 2005. (yes, I know that's in the past, but just consider it Alternate Universe, cause, well, it is)

I (GOD) am currently looking for fellow TiPhistorians to help look up TiPlore to use and for Betas to read and review. If we're lucky, this may turn into something actually publishable.

So I can actually manage to keep track of it, please contact me if you have a copy of the TiPfic. And contact me before you send it to anyone else.

GOD's TiPfic AOL screen name: glichtipbaby

Feel free to IM me if you want to be involved in any way.

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