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why do you keep looking for a cure
i keep telling you, i'm just fine
this isn't a disease you know
it's an addiction that keeps me alive

don't try to wean me off of it
don't beg me to go cold turkey
oh it's not like i didn't get
what all the consequences would be

yeah and i'm jumping up and down
saying spiffy all around
throwing silly string in oliphant's hair
this is the way to be
and i'm rocking out to REM again
i'm just hanging out with all my friends
sit by the door and hug everyone
who turns around to come inside

why do you think it's just a phase
i'm telling you it won't go away
it's stuck inside my head again
bye bye miss american pie

and i don't want it to go away
i like the feeling and i want it to stay
and i don't want to risk losing
all the love & random things i found

and i'm running through the halls again
and jeff's really so not my friend
he made me put my shoes back on again
how cracked up is that
and i'm making fun of patrick's pants again
and i'm making dead cats my new good friends
and i'm contaminating everything
and wandering through the halls with a weiner

so countdown time my friends
we all better go back again
duke east term II i say
or you better be prepared for hate mail aimed your way
(& jim & a noodle!)
9 months til we go insane again
have conversations about everything
and watch patrick stare at grains of salt
while nathan empties the soda fountains

and i'm fondling my flip flops again
i'm having relationTIPS every ten minutes
but remember what we said about those TIPbabies
and i'm wearing girls' clothes again
don't even know who won at kannapolis
thinking about ari taped to a tractor
and jim with a whip
damn, purgatory

and i'm calling sax-off again
and i'm finding taush in trash cans
i'm leading a rebellion
and making random plots
i'm getting money wet again
i'm playing ultimate w/ my best friends
i'm having the best time of my life
but it's the end of the world as i know it
it's the end of the world as i know it
shit, they're playing time warp.
TIP 06!

because Moneyyy got REALLY bored.