TiPunion 2006

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Organized by Jaclyn Kottman and Hanna Hope, the 2006 TiPunion (TiP-reunion) was a magical night of craziness where TiPsters from 2005 and 2006, Terms I and II of Duke East gathered in Atlanta, Georgia for a weekend of llove. TiPsters flew and drove in from around the country, and the festivities officially began on Friday, December 29 with a TiPdance at Jaclyn's house. After 5 hours of eating, dancing and complaining over the absence of the llama (though creatively replaced by a colorful drawing), the weary TiPsters retired to their respective host families to rest for the night. The following morning of Saturday, December 30 brought a breakfast at the Atlanta Bread Company and goodbyes, sending the TiPsters on their way.

Group shot 2.jpg

Attending TiPsters:

Anna Johnson

Nat Yonce

Colin Fletcher

Eliot Kaplan

Jessi Stewart

Hanna Hope

Stephanie LaRue

Charlie Williams

Taylor Page

JJ Haines

Alex Peerman

Sara Broussard

Thomas Abbot

Emily S

Emma Johnson

Helen Hailes

Alexis Chaney

Mindy Borie

Sarah Lowe

Lara Kesler

Anna Stalker

Chris Cooley

Devin Alford

Jaclyn Kottman

Natalia Jimenez

Erin Kelly

Emily Grove

Anshu Sathian

Alex Tate

Kat Hines