Tiera's Tiaras

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Tiera's Tiaras were Tiera's RC group during term 2 at ASU 2014. They were definitely the most fun RC group of all.

Bae was a term commonly used the group. The group was a part of the Yellow Wodys for PiTfest, coming in third place. Night meetings were often lengthened by people asking if they could leave. They performed "Boom Clap" by Charlie XcX for Tip Sync and though they worked very hard on the dance, and had many cartwheels and backhandsprings, however they didn't place. but they won in spirt and in there hearts.

Margaret- Most likely to laugh when looked upon

Ellery- Most likely to live in a pineapple under the sea

Elise- Most likely to walk into any open door

Mallory- Most likely to have her laugh turned into a ringtone

Siri- Most likely to say "Get over yourself"

Sammi- Most likely to say "How should i wear my hair today?"

Gabriella- Most likely to listen to Eminem

Sarah- Most likely to wear pajama pants to her own wedding

Sophie- Most likely to run more than Forest Gump

Anna- Most likely to be Dory

Caitlyn aka the most awesomest person ever- Most likely to fall off the bed

Megha- Most likely to sing to a wall

Tiera- Most likely to say "Get it together"- We also wanted Tiera's first words she said to us as a group, "don't worry, the carpet doesn't have herpes" to be in the term book, but apparently that is not TiProppriate.

The pose "Tiera face" was born. To do the Tiera face, one must place fingers of your right hand under chin palm down, and slightly tilt head to the right, while smiling beautifully. Also known as " the cupcake hand" or to the girls as Tiera's face.

Tiera was commonly referred to as "Jesus" by Sammi and Caitlyn, who were roommates. One night when doing her nightly lights out checks, Tiera knocked on room 620's door. Sammi and Caitlyn said "Who is it?" and Tiera said, "It's Jesus, open up." Thus, the name was born.

Sarah and Siri almost always had food, so most girls would go to their room with money if they were hungry. Pizza and Chinese takeout was commonly ordered. they ordered from Mellow Mushroom twice, receiving Garlic Parmesan Pretzels. they also once ordered Mexican food. they ate cheese dip with Ellery, there "Neighbor" also with there friend Anna, all in Siri and Sarah's room. If you were to look in the trash youd see pizza boxes, Pretzel boxes, and cookie pizza boxes. they order cookie pizza twice. the first time receiving 2 cookies. the second time was on the last night at TIP and they finished off the cookie the next morning.

Tiera's RC group was the best, all of the girls became like sisters to the others, and I was very sad to leave them all. I will miss all of you a lot. The memories and friendships we made were incredible and indescribable. Love you guys.