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Timbi -short for "Timberlake"- is the best RC at Trinity. Timbi is nice, smart, and fly. Timbi is from North Carolina and attends college at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. In 2015's first term, his group did the best at TIPsync and due to faulty judges only got an honorable mention (equivalent to fourth place). It is unknown if he is in a relationTIP currently (though this is speculated by his RC group and it is also rumored that he is making romantic advances on Emma RC). He is being shipped with Nick the RC (many believe that it will happen). He is super awesome at everything he has ever tried to do and is loved by everyone he knows. During 2015's second term, his RC Group became well known for chanting his name during events and while walking to dinner. He is all-around awesome. He is at the point where if you type in his name on Google, your computer will crash because it cannot comprehend how undeniably amazing he is. He is the undeniable king of Trinity University and probably the world. This term he had Nicholas, Kathan, Anthony, Teddy, Conor, Emilio, Daniel, Liam, Sam, Isreal, Bruno, Adam, Gabe, and Landon. His favorite TIPster is LJ, formerly known as Landon.

"Timbi will always win in the end. At least he won't be beat by a 14 yr. old in arm wrestling. Not that Timbi would arm wrestle, he is too high up for that. This Article Had Its Name Changed To "Awesomeness". To Acess it search for it in the search bar."