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The 7-Part Saga of Timothy the Great Whale of Cape Cod is an anime created by the Crypto class of UGA Term 2. There has never been a whale greater, stronger or more unique than Timothy. Here is his story:

Part 1: Furies of Franklin

The dark night was full of clouds, rain and thunder as Franklin sat in his room contemplating his decision. He had let his lifelong project become a graveyard of whales, with inconclusive answers and two carcasses. The mother dead of disease and he knew that would happen, but the death of the small calf he did not expect. He knew of the prophecy, the one of Timothy, the whale would would save the world from the Man Of Water. Franklin knew who that man was, and he would die soon if he did not find, and kill Timothy.

Deep in the Boston Bay swam a melancholic whale and he sang his depressing tune as he dreamt of his mother. Her soft calls late at night, her gracious strokes as she covered miles in seconds, her beautiful blue blubber that shimmered after an afternoon shower. He thought of all of this, but for some reason there was a section missing. He knew there was a section missing.

Timothy's memory had never been fixed after the accident, which he did not know of. He only knew one name the Man of Water. For months Timothy had hidden in a shipwreck away from the bullies and jerks who tormented him and practiced. Within days he had figured out how to talk to other animals, change shape, species, but he knew this was not enough. Man did not live in the ocean, no matter their name.

To kill the Man of Water he had become a human.

On the shore the revving of a motorboat could be heard as a man boarded. Franklin carried a harpoon, and a series of posions, onto his boat in which he began to travel out into the sea.

He looked for days finding whales, but none small enough to be Timothy. Little did he know that Timothy would be the one to find him, and he would not be alone.

Daniel, the tiger shark of Bahama Bay, had met Timothy when they were young. He was a fierce shark, with sharp teeth, an unrivaled speed, and a will to help any animal in need. He was always there to protect Timothy, even after he learned of his powers. Timothy and Daniel had been watching The Man of Water for days. They finally had there chance...

Daniel chased after the motorboat, Timothy shifting slowly into a dolphin to diguise himself. He jumped out of the air and chirped in an attempt to fill Franklin with joy. But it did not. It scared him. He threw the harpoon, accidentally loaded with a kill only poison instead of a sleep poison. Timothy shifted immediatelly to a pelican and he flew up, but Daniel was too late.

The harpoon pierced his fin, and Daniel sunk to the bottom of the cove. Timothy flew high above the sky, an overwhelming guilty filled his bird heart. He stared down at the boat from afar, memorizing the face of the murderous Man of Water. He would never forget that face...

Part 2: Memory of the Man

Fury raged inside the small beady eyes of Timothy, in the form of the seagull. Franklin sped off into the distance back towards the coast line as Timothy attempted to fly after him. His super speed only worked under water and he could not fly far and eventually gave up after his chase. He changed into a fish and flopped back into the ocean.

He swam in silence full of guilt away from the bloody mess from the death of Daniel. Little did he know that he would soon meet his greatest ally yet, a powerful otter by the name of Jacqueline. An ex-army otter who swam up to submarines and found their locations would soon help Timothy, but to meet her he had to fight his first battle.

Timothy thought over and over about the face of the Man of Water. He saw it over and over the face of the man who he knew he had to kill, for he knew he was behind the disappearance of his mother. As he swam he saw shadows cast above him, below him, and finally he caught a glimpse of what was following him.

He shifted quickly into a Great White and watched as the group of tiger sharks approached him. He knew them, Daniel’s gang, who were too scared to say no to him until now. The weak, or so they thought, whale who had special powers was now theres to kill. Without the protection of their leader, they could easily destroy him in one quick fight.

They swam, faster and faster and finally they crashed. Timothy fought hard, shredding the tiger sharks to bit, but there were too many. Then he had an idea, an idea he had never had before quicker than any thought he had ever experienced before. It was a new power. He super-swam through the sharks, and within seconds became a narwhal and pierced the hearts of the tiger sharks like a kebob. The last three remained, and attempted to escape, but with one quick swoop and a large bite as a saltwater crocodile Timothy shredded the last sharks.

Jacqueline had been watching Timothy for months from her hideout. She had been trained to use computers as an army otter and could code in 16 different languages. This however was the most complex thing she had ever experienced. A whale with such superb and complex powers had never been experience before by Jacqueline. She was compelled so she reached out.

Minutes after the battle Timothy came across a rock and what he saw on that rock was one of the few things Timothy can remember, beauty. There was a striking otter with shimmering fur and soft, amber eyes staring right at him. They talked, but Timothy realized something was up.

She knew who he was, she had studied him, she had recognized him from miles away. She had wanted to meet him for months because she needed his powers. He was the whale who could truly save the world. But Timothy knew to save anything he must gain vengeance, so he declined. But she said in return she would get him to Franklin.

They swam hard and fast and far to a beach in New London where a man was sitting alone late at night studying the stars. They stayed away for a while but both knew who it was. Covered in scars and sunburn from his days at sea, Franklin looked tired, exhausted, and ready to leave Timothy alone. But they both knew he wouldn’t. Without thinking Timothy shifted into a human and ran towards Franklin, but he was prepared.

Franklin teleported towards Jacqueline and grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and with his knife lodged a grenade in her leg. Timothy stared in confusion and then realized with his accelerated IQ that Franklin had gained powers as well. All of a sudden a pain in Timothy’s leg occurred. He had never switched to human and he didn’t understand the difficulties of two legs. He fell to the sand in the pain and the last thing he saw before he faded to darkness was his oldest enemy pull the pin.

Part 3: The End of the Experiment

Timothy was covered in a salty liquid that he had never experienced before. Sweat, thats what his gut told him it was. He was lying on the ground of a hard floor with these metal sticks that stood up blocking him from exiting the box. On the other side of the bars stood the Man of Water sat down staring right at him.

Timothy looked him in the eyes and stared hard he opened his mouth, but nothing came out of his mouth, not used to the ways of human communication. His mouth vibrated but no sound came out, so he just stared. The Man of Water was prepared, but he did not expect what would come soon.

Franklin was intelligent, but sometimes his smarts got ahead of his common sense. He had built a base on the water for easy access to the ocean during his experiments, but had forgotten that Timothy was from the ocean, meeting hundreds of different animals before he had finally found Franklin.

Franklin had tested on many different animals as well. And some were against his ways, for Franklin had killed many more animals than just his mother. One of those animals was Tom, a mutated crab who could control minds of any creature. Tom and Timothy had fought together and saved Clownfish City on their hunt for Franklin. Tom had gone in hiding after murdering a corrupt sea cucumber, and had been in hiding until he received a distress call.

Tom climbed up into the gutters that led from the ocean to the inside of the base. He used his glue feet and climbed up the pipes into the bathroom of the base. He finally found the room in which Timothy was being kept through GPS recognition and burned a hole with his laser eyes. He had his eyes on Franklin ready to shoot when he got a message.

Timothy, still a human, had spotted the crab and told him to not kill Franklin. He did not deserve and early, easy death. He deserved a painful, long torture until he couldn’t feel pain anymore. Then they would make it worse and worse until he gave up. Tom saw something in Timothy he did not recognize. He was not the same whale he met 6 months ago. He was darker, he saw a past filled with death and blood. There was nothing left for Timothy except to save the animals that had been tortured and mutilate by Franklin.

When Timothy gave the signal, Tom shot Franklin but in the leg. He cried out in pain and Timothy used his telekinesis to tear the metal bars apart. He walked out of the cell and looked at Franklin in the eyes. With one jab he used his strength to knock out Franklins teeth, but Franklin still had his evil smirk on his face. Timothy looked closely and saw the evil in Franklin’s eyes and realized only one of them would survive.

Timothy had to escape because he knew there was only one way to win this war. Franklin’s minions lived in the base and they would be there within seconds and he would kill Timothy if he did not leave. Guilt filled Timothy as he used his telekinesis to grab Tom and throw him at Franklin. Distracted by the claws in his faced Timothy ran out of the room. Franklin used his fist to crush Tom against his face, and Timothy felt the mental presence leave his mind. Filled with guilt Timothy turned into a falcon and flew out of the base into the open sky, not looking back until he was prepared to win the battle with Franklin.

Episode 4: Guilt of the Greats

Timothy had never felt this way before. He felt a guilt deep in his whale heart. He also felt a dark shadow in that same heart. Something had changed. He knew that something had changed. It was something that had happened after the experiment. It was a darkness from Franklin that had consumed him, something that had caused him to kill his friend. It was a dark power called greed.

Timothy knew too much, had too much power but had never had to use it to protect someone he loved. He used it to fight, he used it to kill, he used it to save himself from dangerous situations. He never tried to fight for his friends, but now he had caused the death of Tom. He couldn’t hide from his guilt anymore. He knew there was only one person who could help him.

Days past, guilt consumed Timothy, and each day it caused him to grow wearier. No sleep, no food, Timothy travelled the whole ocean in search of the one person who help him. But he did not know that they were even alive, all he knew is that they came to help him in dark times and he needed them again. But the farther he searched, the more endangered Timothy became.

Timothy swam slow, and attempted to swim more but couldn’t. He began to sink, and could not keep from switching between species, until two strong fins grabbed him. As he faded into unconsciousness he was carried into a dark cave and fell into darkness.

He awoke to a familiar face. That same face had Timothy’s dark eyes, Timothy’s dark blue blubber and his long snout. Sean floated in the water and looked at Timothy with his deep gaze. Timothy remembered that stern look, from the whale that left him as a small calf alone in the deep blue with his mother. But he was the only man who would fix what was wrong.

Sean let a bellow ring from his mouth and he communicated with his son. Timothy told his father of how he had caused the death of his friends. He told him of Franklin, and the dangers of Franklin. He told him he was scared, very scared. Sean listened openly and deep down inside he was very grateful that his son came to speak with him, for he was hoping that one day they would reconnect.

Sean communicated back with his son and he felt his son stop shaking. Sean told him a secret, something he had never told anybody else, something that would one day save Timothy’s life. They ate plankton over a light-hearted conversation and Sean let Timothy rest, afraid that his weakness was too much for him to handle. He left his son alone and went on an evening swim in the deep blue. He looked up at the setting sun, the pink cotton candy sky slightly visible through the crystal clear ocean.

Little did Timothy know, Sean actually was a test of Franklin as well. Sean was Experiment #1 and he became so powerful that it caused Franklin to become greedy and power-hungry. So greedy he had a tracking device installed in each of his experiments. Sean felt something wrong in his stomach so he raced back to the cave, and arrived in the nick of time.

With one large explosion rocks rained crashed down like a shower of meteors. A ship on the edge of the sea darted away as soon as the explosion had gone off. Sean knew the man behind this violence, there was only one man capable of such destruction. Sean grabbed his weak son and swam as fast as he could. He knew he would not make it so he took his son by the fin and using his telekinesis he threw his son out of the cave. His son looked him in the eyes and screamed in pain at the death of his father. But he had the secret which would change his life forever…

Part 5: Secret of the Sound

The rocks collapsed and Timothy stared in shock, silence and pain. Within a single week he had let his closest crustacean friend along with his father die. His heart became darker and darker, he felt the black cloud cover his once red heart in a shroud of sadness, guilt, disappointment in himself. He just stared at the cave in sadness and sobbed. Not true tears in the form of a human, but whale tears. Just as powerful, just as meaningful, and just as impactful to Timothy.

But beneath it all, the sadness, the anger and the frustration, Timothy had something that would change the ocean world forever. He knew the secret which his father had told him. Timothy was special, a special power lived within him which would lead him to the Sound, where the world would change forever. His father had told him of prophecy before he had left him. He said that is why he had to leave, the prophecy could only come true if he left. It said: Those who follow the orphaned whale, Of blue blubber and a powerful tail, With the rage of a shark deep inside of him, Would free the ocean of Man of Water’s grim.

Man of Water’s grim rule of the bay and the coast, Where he believes that animal cruelty is most Important but he doesn’t realize, That one whale would cause his demise.

Blood would be shed, 7 deaths by the whale, But would end in a beautiful tale, Of how the ocean was saved by one small calf, Who’s will to fight would save a world, and a half.

Follow him to the Sound, Here lives the call of the hound, The hound who tries to kill the father, Here lies the Man of Water.

The Man of Water was Franklin, and he knew he was now the orphaned whale. His father was not lying when he said he had to leave for it to be true. Weeks passed, Timothy hid. Months passed, Timothy hid. He knew of the consequences he would face if he did not find the Sound. He did not want it to be true, maybe he was not the chosen one. But deep down in his gut Timothy felt a feeling, the feeling of truth. He wanted hope, he wanted happiness, but all he found was truth. He knew this was the truth, and if he did not follow it he, and many more innocent animals, would die.

Timothy grew stronger as the weeks passed by, his power grew greater and he felt a feeling inside of him that he would not be able suppress. The power of need, the need to fulfill his father’s dreams. He had grown as a whale, both physically and mentally. He was no longer a calf, he was a bull. A bull protected his family at all costs, a bull would never let his family down and a bull would never give up on doing what is right. That was destroying Franklin once and for all. He was ready for the Sound.

A whale was only as strong as the fish by fin was what his mother always told him. He knew this, and he knew the fish he took the Sound had to be able to be strong. There was only one sea creature he could trust, his best friend Puffer, a porpoise known for his strong echolocation and his powerful fin slap. Puffer and Timothy travelled together, sparring, sharing stories, laughing like the brothers they were. They did not talk of the Sound. They did not speak of the battle that lied ahead. But when they arrived they knew they must fight till their death.

In front of the door to the Sound swam a man, with tan skin, a large beard, and a spear as sharp as a lionfish’s spikes. He stared the two mammals down as they approached. He stared harder and harder, each stare forcing a larger flinch out of Timothy. He was for the first time in his life scared. This man was not normal, Timothy’s newest power of radioactive recognition told him. Humans could evolve much faster, and with radioactivity they would almost impossible to stop, but Timothy had to try.

He charged with his super speed, using his telekinesis to jab rocks at the man, but two swift motions with his spear destroyed the rocks. A whale lived underwater, and Timothy knew he had the advantage, he just had to find it. Whilst Timothy tried more telekinesis tactics, Puffer swam and fast as he could at the door of the sound and use his fin. He hit as hard as he could attempting to splinter the wood, allowing an entrance but it would not budge. It was too strong for him, he knew that the key was the only way.

At that moment in his mind Puffer saw a vision he had never seen before. He saw the future, the ocean at peace, no violence, the experiments keeping peace among the sea. He knew he had to save Timothy, who was not gaining any damage on his opponent. He swam as fast as he could up to the radioactive man and fin slapped him across his back. The man was flung hard across the ocean and crashed into the sand below. Puffer swam downwards once again with flattering speed and slammed his tail against the man, and a red streak stained the crystal clear water.

The Guardian of the Sound laid still across the sandy ocean. The cool water dragged his spear out of his hand and the current carried it away from the Sound. Puffer used his teeth to rip the key free from the hip of the Guardian. He swam towards the door and with a twist and pull a shimmer of light shined through the door, and one hard push led them to Timothy’s final challenged, the Battle of the Sound.

Part 6: The Power of a Porpoise

As a whale, Timothy did not see the importance of Puffer. He did not understand that the key to beating any creature who had radioactivity was working as two. He did not know that until that moment where Puffer was able to destroy the Guardian with a fin slap, that to win this war he had to use all of his resources.

They entered the Sound together and swam towards the center. They felt a hymn vibrating through the walls of their passage, then they heard the song and along with it came a sweet tune, a sweet tune of beauty and sadness. They followed the tune drawn in by its tempting melody and they found themselves in the center of a maze of walls. The tune came from a hole in the center which vibrated with the powerful noise that came with the hymn. Both swam towards the hole, and without knowing where sucked in by the vacuum.

They crashed against the wall, the hugeness of the tunnel impossible to imagine. It dragged both of the huge creatures down into a vast room hidden underneath the sand and rocks of the ocean. Inside of this room sat a single man. The Man of Water sat in a golden throne with his mask upon his face, the wrinkles already formed on his fingers from living under the water for so long. Timothy knew this man well, but Puffer knew him more. The Man of Water was Puffer’s creator.

Puffer was a genetically engineered animal made by Franklin as Experiment #2 after Sean. Used to track blue whale calves, they befriended them, pretended to love them and in the end would kill the whale if they became too powerful. Puffer was different. He was the first of the PWP (Porpoise Whale Program) and had learned to befriend Timothy, but was not pretending. Franklin stared Puffer straight in the eyes, and he tried to look away but he couldn’t. The tracker had kicked in, he felt a switch in his stomach and a pain shoot through his body. He was under Franklin’s control, and there was only one thing Franklin would do.

Puffer threw his tail back and just as he was about to hit Timothy, he ducked. He ducked and dodged multiple flips, confusing Franklin. Little did the Man of Water know was the Secret of the Sound was discovered by Timothy. His father had told him of his power. The power to possess any power as long as he protected the ocean. Super-reflexes, he deflected a fin, super-strength, slammed Puffer into the wall. Puffer was trying to fight back as well, using all of his will to remove Franklin from his brain.

The two friends fought, but Timothy knew he was not fighting a friend. He was fighting his enemy, his worst enemy who was hiding on his throne forcing Puffer to attack him. He fought back, but did not hurt his friend. He would scratch him, shifting into different animals to try to catch Franklin off-guard but he was fast as well. He knew there was only one way to win, an unimaginable way. But Timothy did not have to do the deed, for Puffer knew that his vision was correct and he had to survive.

He used all of his might and all of his power to thrust himself into the wall, and again. Franklin tried to stop, but Puffer’s love for Timothy willed him to keep on. Timothy stared, whale-screamed and tried to stop him but Puffer slapped him away as he destroyed himself. Timothy watched the sixth death and in sadness realized it was him, or Franklin. Only one would survive.

Part 7: Survival of the Savior

Franklin stared at Timothy with a blazing fire in his eyes. He and Timothy were to end the prophecy tonight, he knew it. His demise would not happen; it could not happen. Timothy was powerful, Franklin’s most powerful experiment ever. It would not be easy, but he could do it.

Across the room, the same thought went through Timothy’s mind. He knew he could beat Franklin. The adrenaline was racing through his shifted shark body, and all of the emotions raced towards his snout. The death of Puffer, Tom, Daniel, everybody who had died. The sadness he felt for the death of his father cleared all of the pain he felt from his battle with Puffer. He stared right back at Franklin, and with his shark teeth grinned. He shifted into plankton and hid.

Franklin was scared, but not scared enough that he backed off. His power would not work if he could not see his enemy. He just had to hope that he would shift back, and that dream came true. With full speed a full sized shark, with super-speed charged into him. Bite. Scream. Pain. Franklin swam fast, but not fast enough.

Timothy charged, as fast as he could, as fast as he would. He wanted blood, it was not about diplomacy anymore. Franklin had killed, mistreated, ruined too many people. It would end here and now. It would end today. Timothy bit Franklin, fin-slapped him, charged at him. He was about to go for the final kill when it happened.

Franklin grabbed his tail and used his strength to swing Timothy. He crashed into the wall, and he shifted back into a whale. He swam back at Franklin, but he was not fast enough. Franklin dodged him and countered with a punch. Timothy was weak, and he was struggling to keep up with the speedy Franklin. Timothy struggled to stay swimming as he was beat, punched, kicked all with the speed of a train.

Franklin was greedy, he thought he had beat his worst enemy. He was about to swing for the final punch when a pain shot up through his leg. A bite from a small tiger shark shot up through his leg. A small tiger shark had bit his leg and was not letting go. Franklin recognized that shark, he thought he was dead. He thought he was shot through the body with a harpoon. He wasn’t. He was alive. Daniel was alive.

Daniel fought with a rage. He had survived the harpoon. He had found his way to the Sound prophesized of. He had done it all to save his friend. 6 deaths had happened, Martha the mother of Timothy had died. He was alive, and he would save Timothy. He fought Franklin, with the help of the weakened Timothy they eliminated their target. He was dead, and they had won.

Timothy woke up floating in the cove surrounded by animals. As he woke up they all cheered at chanted his name. He knew that he did not save these people, but they still chanted his name. He knew there was one shark who saved him, one shark he thought was dead. 6 deaths had happened, but Daniel survived. Timothy the great whale of Cape Cod survived Franklin’s wrath because of his first friend, his true friend that had saved his life.