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This is a place to list all the puns about TIP that you have heard

  • Relationtip
  • Road Tip
  • Tippropriate
  • TIP of the iceberg
  • Ali's pun skills are in TIP top shape
  • Daniel's puns are TIPically never as good as Ali's puns
  • TIPS are encouraged
  • "But orange (lanyard) you glad I’m at least coming up with all these puns?" -Ali
  • "my puns have green (lanyard) better days" -Ali
  • "RIP (TIP) Daniel and Ali's friendTIP"
  • Consent is KEY
  • "I wish there was a winTIPer tip term" -Evie
  • "I don't like ice in my water, or hot beverages. I guess you could say I like my water to be DUKEwarm" -Ali
  • "BAWLING on a budget" -Evie and Ali
  • "I ClarMissYa!" -Ali to Clarissa