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https://abc11.com/duke-university-layoffs-tip-college-covid/6874746/ https://www.dukechronicle.com/article/2020/10/duke-university-tip-lay-off-staff-end-talent-search-covid https://giftedatlanta.com/2020/10/14/duke-tip-ends-talent-search/ https://www.applerouth.com/blog/2020/11/09/duke-talent-identification-program-to-undergo-major-changes/ https://tip.duke.edu/updates/suspension-duke-tip-programs-questions-and-answers

Duke TIP is officially cancelled for good. With the possibility of the pandemic extending into summer 2021, and the fact that the fifth years of 2021 (class of 2022) may not even attend because of this fact, they will no longer be hosting summer studies at any universities.

From 2021 forward, the talent search that recognizes and awards 7th graders who have scored excellently on the SAT or ACT will no longer be in session. And in turn, the first years of 2019 (class of 2024) are the final grade to actually attend in-person-camp.

However, online programs are available for the summer of 2021, and the program is planning to find new ways to reach out to gifted and talented teenagers. It is a recreation of summer studies but now in an online environment, thank goodness.

So no more in-person camp, which is shitty, but the friends that have already been established in these past years will continue to be friends for many more years to come.