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The TIP message board.

MISSION STATEMENT What makes TIP so incredible? Is it the classes? Maybe. The fine food and excellent living conditions? Uh...sure, yeah, okay. No, it's the Tipsters themselves that make it so amazing. This forum aspires to the same aim that TIP ultimately fulfills: a refuge for smart kids to be together and talk about what is important to them - to us - without having to worry about what the other 99.75% think. Thus, this board is a place for discussion, exclusively for Tipsters, about anything and everything that we care about - from music to philosophy, from computer programming to fine art, from lusting after hot people to fora for people to show off and give constructive criticism for their creative endeavors. Sections are also included for talk about TIP itself, and everything that it entails to us. Have fun, kids!

An important note here: the boards will be up in a few weeks. If you'd like to become a member (and it is open to all TIPsters, past and present), email Anthony to join the TIPTAB.

The current list of topics that will be part of the board:

  • General:
    • General Chatter (And Pictures!)
    • Sharing
    • LOL Internet
  • Entertainment:
    • Music
    • Movies and TV; Video Games; Anime/Manga
    • Books
    • Famous People We Lust For
  • Discussion:
    • Math, Science and Computers
    • Philosophy and Religion; Politics
  • Creativity and Art:
    • Writing and Visual Art
  • Term Specific: By term and campus.

Any suggestions for other subsections, questions about membership and questions about becoming a moderator should be discussed on the Talk Page. I can post the FAQs as they are now, if requested.