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Hipster Santa.jpg
This is the page for the best TA (probably at any TIP campus ever) but especially for the 2018 Trinity Term II session. Tommy Martin was the TA for the class Art and Technology (helping more with the technological side) serving under Glinda the instructor. As of now, this term has been the only time he has been affiliated with Duke TIP. Over the three weeks at Duke Tommy developed into a meme of sorts, at least in the Art and Tech circles. He was given many names including (but not limited to): Tommy the Cheater (Not sure where that one originated), Tommy the Hipster Tipster (By Asher), Tommy Tofu (By Asher again), Tommy the Santa Clause (By Addeline I think), and Tommy the Commie (By John). As well as...unique...names, he also had many weird jokes centred around him. Such as waving to him with your pinky finger down (By John I believe), constantly trying to get his phone’s Siri to say his name whenever we saw his phone (No idea who started this), and, of course, our constant attempt at wooing Tommy to be our Roblox girlfriend. Asher was the primary offender of this and constantly tried to get Tommy to marry him. Whenever we did any of these antics he would always respond “Why are you like this?!?”. He would put on animes for the class to watch which were thoroughly enjoyed by us tipsters, especially 'My Hero Academia'. He will always be the Hamoud to our Habibi.