Tony Rito

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Tony Rito was a fourth year at Rice University for term 2 of 2019. It is clear to everyone who met him that while he is a wonderful person he is completely dead inside. His very presence is at times unsettling due to his clear connection to Eldritch Abominations of all kinds.

He accidentally created multiple cults, including:

  • Spinch(a misspelling of spinach. It became a meme and speed throut TIP at Rice in less than 24 hours)
  • Voido(the blue flavored jelo that denied gravity and refused to be cut)
  • Jones(the red alien ball from Putt Putt Funhouse that constantly seems to ask "What the fuck" and is part of the Unholy Trinity)
  • BEANS(a massive omnipresent eyeball that stares into your soul and constantly demands sacrifice; partially inspired by the Astro Instructor's top-tier memes; also part of the Unholy Trinity)

He also named Mahtab's Table[1]