Trenton Couture

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Known for being ridiculously talented in every aspect of the musical world, Trent is pretty much the most amazing guy on the planet. He liked to make friends with everyone and everyone loved him. He is a panda fanatic, much like his friends little Sarah and Olivia. His fourth year at UGA, he is known for having dropped little Sarah on the concrete during the Amazing Race. Also, for walking out of the bathroom partially naked while the fourth year boys did one of their famous serenades.

Trenton wears the awesomest skinny jeans!

The most awesome person alive. Has ninja swag.

He attended TIP all four years and completed his 4th year at UGA Term II in 2011.

_ Well what can I say about Tipster's very own rock star!!!! No one has ever had so much passion singing hallelujah... I just have to say that love you lots even though you kinda draw like a caveman.

-As Trenton's roommate first year, I'm glad he turned out so awesome. -Matt