Trey Duncan

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Robert Bruce Duncan III is one hell of a character. His over dramatic tendencies put him in an interesting spot for Duke Tip West Term 1 2018. Spending his 1st year at Davidson, 2nd year at Tech, and the year of the control group and double toasted toast (2018) at Duke West in Nuclear Science. “Trey” developed a reputation for his fake tan, total of 3 complete Jesuit outifts (the only thing he wore),his clinginess, hater of bucket hats, and Old Spice showers. He began the term with a plethora of young female Tipsters gaining interest in him. The most prominent was Natalie Bardin, the world reknowned recorder player. The two began their RelationTip (i guess you could call it that?) by having many one word response conversations. After Nat put him in the friendzone (1st time), all 4th years (excluding Carly Judenberg) teamed up to change her mind. She took him back out of pity and tried to make things work. As mentioned before, he was labeled as “too clingy” and was (thot) dropped. To no one, yet everyone’s surprise, Trey formed a RelationTip with the aforementioned Carly Judenberg and it thrived (for the last 4 days). . “It’s fine.” -Robert Bruce Duncan III (in every situation ever)