Trinty 2012 Term 1 Hannah's RC Group

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This year, Hannah's group was undoubtedly one of the best on campus.

(If you were in this RAG, please add to this page!)


  • Paige and Priya
  • Asha and Mary
  • Haeyun and Sreeya
  • Emma and Lauren
  • Abby and Taylor
  • Natalie and Ash


One of the things that made Hannah's group amazing was that they had a ton of inside jokes that when said led to uncontrollable laughter or memories...But only confused or "disrespected" outsiders:

  1. The Showerman
  2. The Duck Cough
  3. Spy Buddies (Can you see us?)
  4. Swiper no swiping!/Swiper swiped my sunglasses in the garden and escaped over the fairytale bridge!
  5. "Oh great, Swiper's following Dora again." "Which Dora?"
  6. "Everything Hurts" Song
  7. Hannah's nightly Showerman-proof bathroom check of room 320
  8. "LANYARDS, not shoelaces!"
  9. The Duck Face
  10. Mary is offended!
  11. Lip Sync Champs! (Mooo...)
  12. Pink Drink/Mio
  13. The Jellyfish Toss (R.I.P. Dora, Sloth,and Tree. Thanks alot Mom! ;)
  14. "Tricky!"
  15. Salt-and-pepper drinks
  16. "The Pocket Camera"/"Supersecret Talent Show Taping"
  17. Not a plane, A Wolf with a Breadstick!
  18. Buffy, Unicorn, Flaming Cracker, Sloth, Swiper...
  19. Best Friends!
  20. "The Matchmakers"
  21. RelationTIPs
  22. Fro-Yo Ponds
  23. Saxaphone Serenades
  24. "What's a name that starts with an 'A?' "MARY!!"
  25. "That heart wasn't meant for you..."
  26. "Lucy"
  27. "Why do they have so much sweat in their hair?"


These are some stories from the group about memorable things that happened in this term.