Trudy the Lunch Lady

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I met Trudy during Wake Forest Term 1 2016. She works in Reynolda Hall and makes sandwiches. She is the best sandwich maker. I would know if she is a good sandwich maker because I get a ham and pickle sandwich on white bread from her everyday. The other sandwich makers would think I'm weird, but Trudy accepts me. Over time she has learned my order and makes my day every day. Trudy has probably made sandwiches for a long time, so you know they are going to be good sandwiches. She cuts them into perfect little triangles, while the other sandwich makers don't even cut them at all. Overall Trudy is the most lit person I know. Any time you are at Wake Forest, go to Reynolda Hall and pay your respect by letting her make you a ham and pickle sandwich on white bread.

Here is one of Trudy's sandwiches: Trudy'ssandwich.jpg