Tunak Tunak Tun

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The anthem of all of Indian tipsters.

Traditionally, the Indian kids and RCs (if there are any) get up and lead everyone in this dance, since white kids cannot dance (in general). However, the problem arises that certain Indian guys are sometimes reluctant to participate in this activity. At East II 2005, it was only at the last dance where the dancing was led by Indian TIPsters.

Edit: There can be nothing "traditionally" done with this song as it was not played at a TiP dance until 2003 Term 2. That term, two TAs decided to try to manufacture a new TiP tradition. "Tunak Tunak Tun" was selected. Since then, staffers typically lead a giant group of dancers around the circle quad. By the end of the song, people are dancing normally (i.e., in place, instead of around the quad).

This was an act at the Davidson II, 2005 talent show and as in other cases, the one recruited guy was quite reluctant.

It must be said that this song has a freaking HILARIOUS music video, conveniently located at http://homepage.mac.com/jstansbury/iMovieTheater1.html and should be watched as soon as possible.