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IMPORTANT!: Security cameras are present in the Duke East tunnels and are watched by Duke Campus Police. Anyone found to be using the tunnels who are not Duke employees will be reported to Duke Campus Police.


I just finished my final year at TiP and during the last week, accidentally found myself in the Duke East tunnels. This is the story.

Our evening activity (Ultimate Frisbee) was canceled due to the new lightning rules. So we had to go hang out in the Union. Myself and two other Tipsters (Tom Jewett and Donald Moratz - the current owner of the pimp robe) were trying to get to of the union. But instead, ended up underneath the union in a maze of tunnels. This is how you get there.

Addition: I was in the tunnels under Pegram as a 2nd year (I thought I was a third year, but whatever) when, for some mysterious reason, the door was unlocked. No comment on what the tunnels were used for, though I will say that it got much too hot. One should not spend lengthy periods of time in the tunnels due to heat and risk of getting caught.

—Brett Flora
Maybe there are more then one set of tunnels, but we definitely got in that way. Also, from talking to Daag and other RA's that have been around for a while, it seems that some of the tunnel systems connect the dorms for emergency purposes and others exist for reasons unknown. So, yeah, I didn't get into the system by the union, but we were definitely in some sort of underground area, and when term two starts hopefully people will check both and see.

If you are facing Carr, there is an entrance on the left side of the building that is a little side staircase. If you look right around that little entrance hall area, there should be an unmarked white door. This leads to the tunnels. The tunnels on east are basically big while hallways with lights.

There is a window behind Carr with the net removed. It's a easy way to get in.

Tunnel Facts

The tunnels that I found are nothing like what Melanie described them as, they are neither grand white halls nor well lit. They are dark, hotter than hell, low enough so that people taller than 5'10" will have to duck to get through most of it, and they fill you with a sense of ecstacy once you have left. All the pipes and boilers and underworkings of Duke East campus run through these tunnels. It is true that they connect all of the buildings on Duke East Campus, but it is nothing more than rumor that they reach all the way to Duke West (NOTE: Sam the OSC, at his initial speech of Term II 2007, admitted the existence of the tunnels and also said they did not reach West Campus, and that they contained the heating systems and such for East Campus as has been stated here). It is incredibly unlikely that anyone in the tunnels would be caught unless a staff member sees you enter or exit. The floors of the tunnels are concrete and painted with yellow arrows that direct you back to the door from which i just described entering, if you ever find yourself lost inside (it's not hard to get lost, they are a big maze).

From the tunnels you can look out of the small ground level windows of the dorms, always a thrill to see tipsters and RCs walking just feet in front of your face without them knowing you're watching.

Exiting the tunnels requires as much quiet and caution as entering to avoid being caught. I personally recommend listening through all doors without windows to make sure nobody is around.

The tunnels really aren't that great. The only reason to go down there is to see some of the sweet graffiti. As a place to hook up...its so dirty down there that its disgusting and there are much better places to do it (if you turn right after coming down the stairs that lead to the shop under the union instead of going left to the shop, there are corridors of post office boxes. trust me...fantastic spot). Also, most of the tunnel doors stay locked (besides the union), so you cant "secretly sneak between dorms". So really the only reason people bother going down there is because you're no allowed to

Photos of the Tunnels