Tyler Walley

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Tyler Walley
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Attended 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Course(s) Cryptography (2016), History of the Future (2017), Revolution and Terror (2018), Dictators, Kings, and CEOs (2019)
RAG(s) Jerica (2017), Alissa (2018), Noah (2019)
Roommate(s) Stanley (2016), Victor Wang (2017), Alex Wasylik (2018), Benjamin Whitaker (2019)
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Walley is a great guy. He held the East term 2 relic, Shattered Disc (SD). An all around knowledgeable guy, Walley brings his friends and class together for his addictive and lighthearted personality. He's also hella tall. But everyone looks tall from down here.

Davidson 2016


East Term 2 2017


East Term 2 2018

In Tyler's third year of TIP, he took Revolution and Terror, with instructor Josh and TA Catherine (for the second year).

East Term 2 2019

In Tyler's last year of TIP, he took Dicks, kings and ceos as a class. Known in his debates for yelling over his opponents in crossfire in order to take control of the confrontation. (it was super effective). He's the holder of the Shattered Disc (SD) and attempted to glue it back together. It was unknown if that was successful or not but its fine. He can be found in his free time with Alima Azamat or playing Beatles songs on either guitar or piano. We love you tyler.