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WELCOME TO THIS BLESSING, YA'LL // UGA Term 1 Foreign Policy 2016


  • second years
    • hannah: most likely to write poetry
    • toni: most likely to be a little's little
    • taylor: most likely to say "i do what i want"
    • sarah: most likely to hamilton
    • jess: most likely to BE the putin
    • emma haaayyyy: most likely to drive a minivan
  • third years
    • mary elizabeth: most likely to be president
    • kolton (harold): most likely to carry a briefcase
    • jack: most likely to bail on a debate
    • lily: most likely to be press secretary
    • dylan: most likely to bagel
  • fourth years
    • josh: most likely to roast commies
    • evalee: most likely to be in a coma
    • lay: most likely to not be in kansas anymore
    • mark: most likely to be a commie
    • sam: most likely to speak a speech
    • augie: most likely to kill you in catan
    • mikey (flow god): most likely to bromiego
  • teachers
    • tara: a goddamn blessing with a cool doggo
    • maggie: our fav ta (the best ta)

Class Culture my HOmieS

  • down with ya'll: on day one one group in the Isle Of Tip both misspelled ya'll and screwed over the isle as a whole
  • the day we Made The Bus: on june 24th we actually made the 8:50 east west bus, for the first time all term. i mean we sprINTED to it, but yo, we did it
  • debate: ok. so. fopo does so many debates, like,,, literally 7. its a little Much. also mary elizabeth has never won one and is highkey salty act it
  • yugoslavia: we destroyed it. ripped it right apart for italy and romania. no one rlly NEEDED it anyway
  • take yemen over: in our last simulation, we slowly drove mark (mr. president) to insanity by suggesting military invasion and annexation of yemen
  • tuurtles: maggie says turtles rlly funny
  • turtles with tanks: also in the last simulation, evalee wanted to arm turtles with tanks and have them take over syria
  • nerdquest: we were ROBBED by those satire nerd faces.
  • "a pen isn't a weapon, a [fricken] nuke is:" mark reassured us with this after those satire nerds beat us in the nerdiest tiebreaker
  • russian: jess speaks (cusses in) it
  • kosovo: more like kosoBRO amirite
  • bromego: mikey. yah thats about it.
  • NUT: when you're hitting it from the back and she turns around and sings the communist manifesto
  • damn commies: josh is very patriotic
  • commys: jess may be a communist
  • brexit: stupidest thing since britain thought they could beat the us of a in the revolutionary war #stopborris
  • coma dream: evalee got shaken baby syndrome and all of this is her coma dream
  • fresh prince: mary e and ev can rap it (mostly)
  • real sadly hours: how i feel because this class is over
  • oh TIP whaddup: censorship kids, its a practical skill

thank you

to the foppohos: i'd like to thank you all for providing me with the best tip year i've had. i love you all. text me daily. -moses