UGA Term One 2016 RC Groups

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The Triple Doubles

Brendan "Tyler" McHan- Philosophy of Knowledge- Most likely to rent trees

Suchir Moharil- Mathematical Modeling- Most likely to disappear

Collin Taylor- Philosophy of Knowledge- Most likely to beat up Batman

Jacob Scheinson- Pharmacology- Most likely to break their phone

Luke Ruane- Philosophy of Knowledge- Most likely to play 6 instruments

John "Raymond" Wilkerson- Robotics- Most likely to make a saxophone sound like a lawn mower...

Alexander Starkand- Intro to Veterinary Medicine- Most likely to be buzzing

Luke "Nick" Simmers- Cryptography- Most likely to do TIPSync

Jacob Dowell- The Pen as Weapon: The Art of Satire- Most likely to frighten women

Colin Mallisee- Philosophy of Knowledge- Most likely to have 10 girlfriends

Marquis Smith- Residential Counselor- Most likely to sing every line

Rheana's Group (Office Workers)

Sarah- Most likely to cha-cha through sports

Lucy- Most likely to rant about Star Wars

Jess- Most likely to rule the world

Maddie- Most likely to be a double agent

Mabry- Most likely to be okay with everything

Ivy- Most likely to raise cows

Kate- Most likely to have squirrels in her pants

Cristina- Most likely to be a sassy salsa dancer

Caroline- Most likely to stump you with a riddle

Laura- Most likely to get whiplash from dancing

Kathrine- Most likely to be a chipmunk

Rheana- Most likely to be mistaken as a tipster

Ella- Most likely to say "it's lit"

Abbey- Most likely to never stop talking

Lauren- Most likely to beat up Sasha

Sasha- Most likely to beat up Lauren

Lily- Most likely to be a successful politician

Becca's Burgers

Amaya- Most likely to eat her body weight in Gushers

Hadley- Most likely to be a sea nymph princess

Rhiannon- Most likely to own a poop emoji mask

Riley- Most likely to be carrying fruit loops

Katie- Most likely to not be on fire

Julia- Most likely to rap all of Hamilton

Sophia- Most likely to get her name misspelled at Starbucks

Sarah- Most likely to have the coolest shoes and sunglasses and hats

Megan C.- Most likely to use sarcasm as an art

Megan E.- Most likely to buy and not use high end makeup

Holly- Most likely to tweeze someone else's eyebrows without knowing how to tweeze her own

Lay- Most likely to have enough makeup to last through the apocalypse

Evalee- Most likely to be shaken

Caroline- Most likely to be Becca's twin

taylor's girls

ariel: *disappears temporarily* "i don't know about that"

ashley: most likely to dance (lowkey tho)

anabel: contour goddess on the floor

emma hay: least likely to actually run

emma: probably rapping hamilton

hannah: probably wearing a kangaroo suit and bow tie

hayley: most likely to say "bless up, henny"

mary elizabeth: overanalyzes her monster energy

morgan: most likely to fight for custody in soccos

mckinley: at the dessert bar

noemi: owns most "fangirl" apparel

toni: six god

zoe: best athletic wear

taylor: most likely to drop it (like it's hot) during free time

HarAmrit Singh RC Group

Sam Petty: "Please Clap"

Dylan Clyne, TIP Moses: Most likely to skip RC night

Andrew Sonnier: Most likely to drink 32oz of anything

John Loveall: Most likely to infiltrate 219

Sam Kaynor: Most likely to Kazoo

Wilson Vanderslice: Most likely to "split up gang"

Augie Green: "How you feelin?"

Nathan Holden: Most likely to ask for the Wifi password

Indy Dixon: Most likely to tell you about "me" old bones

Jacob Gilliam: Most likely to meme

Josh Bales: Most likely to ask "how it do?"

Mark Nissen: Most likely to break out into song

HarAmrit Singh: Most likely to not know the internet


Sarah W.: most likely to be overly excited about HSM

Kara: most likely to be the designated makeup artist

Abby C.: most likely to be poppin in Bolton

Hannah: most likely to "be a little nugget"

Lilah: most likely to silently take over the world

Kathryn: most likely to pop and lock and whip and dab

Lili: most likely to steal ice cream during dinner

Addie: most likely to be the cutest RC

Sarah C.: most likely to play lit music in the hall

Irene: most likely to get locked out of her room

Riley: most likely to be a Disney princess

Megan: most likely to star in HSM 4

Abby D.: most likely to change TIP history

Sydney: most likely to become Mrs. Funopolis

Clio: most likely to fall asleep during Law and Order SVU

Janie: most likely to be on time and on fire for TIPsync rehearsals

Sheena: most likely to slay everything she does

"Tonte, Can We Play the Kidz Bop Version?"

Mason- Most likely to be a meme

Dawson- most likely to need a boost

Karson- most likely to sign

Maddox- most likely to be a troop leader

Griffin- most likely to Hercules

Calvin- "she said yes"

Grant- Houdini

Hitoshi- most likely to tonte

Akin- oldest 20-year-old ever

Tonte- ...*facepalm*


"I'm just a small bean in a big world trying to make a difference"

Will's Wildcards

Most Likely To...

Bobby Bates- Leave Campus for Basketball

Lee Corbin- Look at Dank Memes

Zach Amerson- Be Able to Feed an Army

Danny Blumen- Pick up a Penny

Jackson Dumas- Tweeze Mikey's Unibrow

Mikey Holland- Always Wear a Hat

Jack Patterson- Tuck in his Shirt

Jonathan Matoke- Play Cards

Jonah Sandring-Wesemann- Provide the Tweezers

Jimmy O'Grady- Also Have a Hat on

Alex Sakata- Play Nintendo

Abdul Mia- Train


Eloise: Most Likely to have Her Eyebrows on Fleek

Abby J.: Most Likely to be Listening to Trap Music

Kathryn: Most Likely to be Flawless

Rachel: Most Likely to Master the Art of the Messy Bun

Abby B.: Most Likely to cartwheel as Her Mode of Transportation

Sophia: Most Likely to Keep Up with the Kardashians

Maya: Most Likely to say "Hey, y'all"

Emma: Most likely to Solo Win the World Cup

Taylor: Most Likely Lift Our Hearts into the Heavens

Emiko: Most Likely to say "Crusty Dusty"

Briana: Most Likely to Spend Her Life Savings on Sephora

Kaitlyn: Most Likely to Die in a Waffle House

Sydney: Most Likely to be a Famous Singer

Scottie: Ravioli

Kendall: Most Likely to Laugh at Tofu

Bridget: Queen "B"


Andrew: Most Likely to Have a Bromance

Tink: Most Likely to Break a Heart

Dean: Most Likely to Not Comeback to Term 1

Emil: Most Likely to... Wait, Where'd He Go?

Adam: Most Likely to Outlive Everyone. Because He's Short.

Pierce: Most Likely to Lay an Egg

Ethan W.: Most Likely to be Shamed for Taking His Pants Off in Public

Ethan A.: Most Likely to Not Leave His Room

Jack: Most Likely to Win Man vs. Food


Aaron- most likely to be a hair model

Bruno- most likely to have cereal for every meal

Carter- most likely to start a viral trend

Foster- most likely to say "you won't"

Kolton- most likely to go missing

Sheridan- most likely to sport

Timmy- most likely to dab

Walter- most likely to lock himself out of his room

Zach L- most likely to listen to someone saying "you won't"

Zach M- most likely to become lord commander


Josh- Most likely to be eighty and emo

John- Most likely to have a dead body in his house

Judd- Most likely to miss the superlatives meeting

RC Bannor- Most likely to run meetings over bedtime

Brandon- Most likely to upset his instructor

Colin- Most likely to shoot himself in the foot

Elijah- Most likely to have a snapface

Jacob- Most likely to miss a shot

Vincent- Most likely to ruin a pair of shorts

Michael- Most likely to live in Antartica

William- Most likely to be Humpty Dumpty

Adreonna's Angels

Skylar- Most likely to be a temp vegan

Sara- Most likely to be a crazy dog lady

Thida- Most likely to jam out to 80's love songs

Kim- Most likely to sleep through everything

Natalie- Most likely to save an animal

Amanda- Most likely to send memes

Blanche- Most likely to be punned

Sophie- Most likely to make friendship bracelets

Elizabeth- Most likely to Blanche it

Teddy- Most likely to swag on you

Sabrina- Most likely to ukelele her way to the top

Casey- Most likely to be late to literally everything

Anthony's OOs

Anthony Gagliardi- Licensed to rock the man-bun

Matthew Meeker- Licensed to be a rock star

Jackson Powell- Licensed to Coldplay

Smith Metcalf- Licensed to be a ninja

Brayton Rahimi- Licensed to drink the sludge

James Moore- Licensed to be the kindest dictator

Sam Schlenker- Licensed to cackle

Shannon Platz- Licensed to be late to dinner

Fredrick Stanely- Licensed to change identity

Robi Witt- Licensed to kill it on the dance floor

Zibran Vastani- Licensed to have a three plate dinner