UlTIPmate Frisbee Team

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The UlTIPmate Frisbee Team was an ultimate frisbee team originally created by Upper V's Jeffites, during Term II of TiP at the New College of Florida. Because every ultimate team needed female players as well as male players, The Jeffites turned to their closest female RC Group, Jessie's Girls, in order to gain members to become an actual team. Although they were initially unsuccessful in getting any Jessie's Girls to join, three of the girls eventually decided to join, as well as two other girls from different RC groups. Their team eventually consisted of 9 members:

  • Ethan McIntyre
  • Preston Taylor
  • Conrad Paetz
  • Jack "Neon Jack" Stafford
  • Emma Vaughters
  • Tanner Scheef
  • Julia Garner
  • Allison Frison
  • Mackie Clarke

Although they lost both two games that they played and didn't make it to the tournament, they came extremely close to winning their second game, losing by one point in over time. This team really worked together and had a fun time playing, which counts for something, right?