Urban rodeo

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Urban Rodeo

East Term II 2010, during the Second Saturday free time (quadfest was pushed back to Sunday), a group of 4th year guys watched youtube videos documenting Urban Sports, one of which was Urban Rodeo.

The goal of Urban Rodeo is to find an unsuspecting bystander, jump on them, and ride them until they buck you off.

One 4th year TiPster got the bright idea that what is on the Internet should definitely be mimicked. During the normally boring Durham Bulls game, said 4th year had his friends pose with the Durham Bulls mascot, the Blue Monster. As the TiPsters were "taking a picture" with the Blue Monster (the camera was actually recording video for the upcoming event), the 4th year guy snuck up behind the Blue Monster, ran, and attempted to urban rodeo him.

Unfortunately, due to nervousness, the 4th year did not urban rodeo the Blue Monster and instead blind-sided him. After getting up, the 4th year tried to apologize, but the Blue Monster only pushed him away. The 4th year ran. Since he was wearing a conspicuous bright blue shirt and brown pants, the 4th year traded shirts with another TiPster before sitting nervously down in the stands for the rest of the game.

The Durham Bulls police attempted to find this TiPster, but did not, instead apprehending and interrogating RC Winfield Whittington III. Winfield, who is large, built, and black (in addition to wearing black pants that day, not brown) was mistaken by the police for the 4th year, who was light brown, short, and skinny. later Winfield commented that he had "just been racially profiled".

The video taken of the incident has been erased from existence, for fear of incriminating evidence.

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