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Betsy Hammer went to Trinity University for Term 2 in 2018. She was in the Breakfast at tippany's RC group (RC: Tiffany) on the first floor. She took Creative Writing and enjoyed it immensely.

She was known for saying the terms "we stan", "no homo", and "no hetero". She sang All Star a lot, much to many people's annoyance. She spoke Madison (a language created with a few other people in creative writing), it is a simple language to learn. You simply must hit your tongue against the top of your mouth and eject noise.

She often did the Betsy pose. Which is like the splits except the front long is kneeling (it's hard to explain give me a break). She twinned with an RC group mate one day and apparently they were very creepy. They often walked in sync and linked arms. They were known for asking people if they were hydrated. If the response was no they would say, "drink more water", if it was yes they would say "continue". She does appreciate the term "hydration or dydration" and does not appreciate anti-water protests".

Beware: at night, especially when she is sleep deprived, she will ask if you believe in mass homicide. DO NOT tell her she needs more sleep.