Vaguely Reminiscent

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The most bestest store ever. When you walk in, you are always greeted with a friendly hello, a welcome to the eclectic nirvana you will reach when you decide to shop here. They have EVERYTHING. Whether you want a Jesus Action Figure, or a skirt. Or National Embarras-Mints. Or the miniature Karma Sutra. Or a stapler. OR ANYTHING! You will be content with what you buy.

Some of the highlights of the store include the mirror of confusion, where, even after going in for 3 years, you still think there is a secret wing of the store; the 70% off shelf on the right in the back, and of course, the ever lovable signature book. You sign your name wherever in the book you can find a place, then come back next year to read what you wrote. It's also fun to see if you can find your old RCs, or just read any dirty bits you can find.

To sum it up, if you don't saunter into the, albeit sketchy-looking, front door of this piece of heaven on earth, I will hunt you down. And eat your brains.