Valegirl script

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Director: Cut, cut, cut. Do it again but this time more valegirl. Mom: These are my two daughters. Brittany the popular chick and this other one Unpopular girl: My name is Martha Mom: No one cares Brittany: I think I have a pain Mom: Where Brittany: Uh like, here Brittany: Or maybe here Brittany: Actually, it might be here Mom: So it's not a big deal Brittany: No it's the most unbearable pain I have experienced. Like ever Mom: Oh my I'd better call the doctor Mom calls the doctor Doctor: Hi, what's the problem Mom: Well um like my daughter has a pain problem or something Doctor: Where? Brittany: Uh like, here Doctor: So here Brittany: No maybe it might have been here Doctor: So here Brittany: Actually, I am pretty sure it was here Doctor: I'll be right over to sort this out Brittany collapses Doctor: Ya better tweet this on Instagram cause your daughter is dead Mom: As dead as vine dead? Doctor: Yes, As dead as vine dead Martha pretends to collapse Mom: Quit trying to be like the popular girl Mom: I'll call the mortician Mortician: Maddys mortuary where If you kill em we uh grill em or something like that Mom: My daughter is dead Mortician: As dead as pumpkin spice in the summer dead? Mom: Yes, as dead as pumpkin spice in the summer dead Mortician I'll be right over