Vamos A La Playa

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Vamos A La Playa at East Term One is a very complex and difficult dance. Only the most angsty easty tipster can truly pull off this dance of all dances.

At East Campus when the beat drops the tipsters begin the dance, with the fourth years in their typical position on the front lines. The dance goes as follows:

  • Step One: Everyone says "big fish" and puts their hands up on either side of head like: |__(._.)__| to show how big the big fish is
  • Step Two: Everyone says "little fish" and again puts their hands on either side of their head: |_(._.)_| this time closer together to show the littleness of the little fish
  • Step Three: Everyone says "cardboard box" and proceeds to make a box around their head with their hands (no illustration)
  • Step Four: One of the most complicated moves this is the time in which, making shapes similar to finger guns with the thumbs tucked in, the tipster proceeds to point at the for corners, says the word "corner" at every corner. The order of corners is such: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.
  • Step Five: This is the climax of the dance. The final position. The hardest to master. Before you can truly pull off this step you must EMBRACE YOUR INNER WHITE GIRL. As you embrace this you will feel the music in you and you will desire to roll your body and move your hands up and down turning from side to side. You must allow this to happen.

After clumsily completing the first form, with the full power of angsty easty white girl in your soul. Repeat the moves. You should be moving in time with your fellow angsty easty white girls and the music. Only time can truly bring forward a true master of the Vamos A La Playa. Practice, follow your fourth years, and all will be well with the world of dance and angsty easty tipster.

Disclaimer: despite embodying the spirit of Ansty Easty White Girlâ„¢, Vamos A La Playa is a dance that can be done by people of any gender. Angsty Easty White Girlâ„¢ does not discriminate based on gender nor does the entity give a flying fuck nugget about one's genitalia