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Veil Commons is the cafeteria of Davidson. The food isn't that bad. They do a great job of accommodating dietary restrictions. They almost always served chicken "nuggies" as referred to by the Architecture (Davidson) class Term 1 2017.


  • a great variety of cereal with like 3 different types of milks
  • many different kinds of baked goods that varied everyday such as donuts, muffins, and cinnamon rolls
  • there is ALWAYS eggs, bacon or sausage, and some type of potato
  • there would sometimes be has browns, tater tots aka "potato coins", etc.


  • pizza or burgers or nuggies always served with fries (except pizza obviously) which were an option almost everyday


  • some options included korean beef or pasta (I dont remember that much about the food)


  • there were things like cupcakes, brownies, and different types of cookies
  • ice cream cups (perfect for Fork ice cream)
  • fruit popsicles and fudge popsicles


  • there are like 3 soda fountains (perfect for the rainbow drink
  • theres milk
  • many types of juices