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Victoria was a former TIPster at Trinity and Duke East, and has been an RC at LSU and Rice. She is a completely memetastic RC and basically a big sister to everyone in her RC group. She laughs at everyone's jokes (even if they’re really bad) and she honestly makes everyone's TIP experience all the better!!

Rice Term 2, 2019

Members of her RC Group

  • Danielle
    • MLT try to hustle some hair dye off an RC
  • Emily
    • MLT hold the door/pray to the catholic alpha male
  • Finnley
    • MLT use the whoa as a greeting
  • Genevieve
    • MLT never be prepared in terms of cutlery
  • Hannah
    • MLT screech/greet someone with “Bruh”/rock an endless supply of Panic! At The Disco merch
  • Jessica
    • MLT flex on the violin/be pro-grape
  • Joyce
    • MLT be a good person/scare
  • Julia
    • MLT rock a bucket hat and custom Spongebob vans
  • Katie
    • MLT go off about pie/always be prepared with balm
  • Kaylin
    • MLT become a spokesperson for Neosporin but severely misunderstand what product she’s repping
  • Maitri
    • MLT recline in odd positions/be done with everything at all times
  • Nora
    • MLT sport a sick flannel/not care for babies
  • Simona
    • MLT put cream cheese on a baked potato
  • Sophie
    • MLT quietly stunt on everyone
  • Tess
    • MLT serve looks in a Big Time Rush performance/call a squirrel a bioterrorist
  • Vivianna
    • MLT forget that camp started (bc of a “phone issue”)

Memories and Moments

  • Getting “Most Bruh” at TIPsync
  • The Catholic Alpha Male
  • Hannah making screeching noises EVERY day
  • balm squad
  • Finnley choosing the sports evening activities
  • Tess’s birthday
  • Maitri laying in weird positions every night
  • Gifting Brando’s RC group milk every dinner
  • Tess spending $60 on a coin drop machine and earning 3000 tickets (!!!)
  • Aggressively singing Big Time Rush ever since TIPsync