Vincent the Savage

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Vincent Rooyakkers was a one-of-a-kind guy who attended Rice Term 2 in 2016.He never really spoke of his past but if you know about it, please feel free to include it. Throughout the term, he has committed much savagery. His killer deeds includes telling Holden(RC) that he has no balls, purposely leaving trays at dinner so that we all lose free time, stealing ramen from Angel Silva,and just creeping out other RCs. Vincent's major claims to fame include:Doing the rowboat act with Spenceeer( with an extra er),saying that the best part of TIP was the free teabags during his 4th year speech(then dabbing offstage), and saying that he likes enjoying smoothies with "ur mom" on stage during the blender challenge(a.k.a Crest challenge substitute).

Vincent's 4th year Will

"ur mom-my thoughts and regards"