Waffle house shenanigans

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The last week of TIP at Georgia Tech. We wanted to go to Waffle House as a last hurrah, a good memory to end on. Thursday after the dance, we thought the RCs would be asleep. That was a big nope. The idea was to get 10 to 20 people; it ended up being two groups, one group of three and one group 5. There was fault on both parties.
   In the group of 5 one of the bright decided it was a good idea to sneak up to his gf's room, way too early. He got caught, but didn't get in trouble. However, the RCs were on the prowl. The group of 5 did manage to sneak out to Quiktrip at 2 am, unnoticed. The group of three, did manage to sneak out, but noticed. As they were walking past one of the exits, they made brief eye contact with the RHL. She didn't say anything, and they kept on walking. Some high stakes chicken was played.
   The group of three arrived at waffle house first, and ordered drinks. The other group quickly arrived and ordered food. Just as quickly we had transformed into a party of 8. The RHL didn't see the group of 5 sneak out, she wasn't prepared for this. We thought she didn't notice us, because we weren't wearing our lanyards and she failed to say anything. Nevertheless, she appeared in front on 8 very unsuspecting tipsters. This story may have been very different if she had only found three kids, but she found 8. Her first words were to the tune of 'Don't you know how dangerous this is, you're minors,'. She quickly took a seat, she was at a loss for words. 
   It was scary and awkward for a second, but we quickly found the humor in the situation. Joy was found again and waffle consumption continued. She called one of the more experienced RCs, Eddie. Eddie was known for how chill he was, he happened to catch the group off guard that night. Before staff intervened, two of the tipsters had originally planned to bring Eddie a waffle with a good story in mind. So when he showed up, their natural response was "We got you a waffle," to which he responded "This isn't funny,". He went on to reiterate what ducky said, also comparing Atlanta to the NYC of Georgia, a very bold and untrue statement. Because as we all know, nothing is like NYC and the GT area is one of the safest in the city.
   We continued to munch on our 3 am snacks, with night water of course. Eddie was determined to intimidate us he stood as we all sat, watching us munch. He was disappointed. After the food was consumed, laughs laughed out, and the checks covered we all went outside. It was punishment time. Since we only had one more day left, their options were limited for punishments. They decided to revoke the 'privilege' to go to the talent show, take our buzz cards (they're used for meals, vending machines, laundry, and entry / exit), and have us clean the lounges. They took our cards so that we couldn't sneak out again, because they would be needed to get back into the building. I do not believe that they were aware that our dorm keys doubled as entry / exit keys. So if desired, we could've gone back to waffle house - but sadly we did not. 
   We all walked back with them to the dorms, and were sent to bed. This page will be updated with what comes next. So stay tuned. Apologies for any grammar mistakes, spelling errors, or poor information.