Wales Lax

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Home City: England

Founding Date: 2001

Anthem: 2001: A Space Odyssey Trap Remix

Number of Fans: Too many to count

Some people may know it as Wales Lax. This amazing sports team played in the 2017 Lacrosse World Cup, which was closely followed my the entirety of the History of the Future Class. In fact, the team was supported by the whole 2017 East Term 2 student body. Although it showed spirit and heart, the team sadly lost to the USA lacrosse team 6-17. This came as a blow to most of the class and they mourned the brave and hearty team for days. The team will be remembered for years to come in the Duke East campus by all tipsters alike. After the dreadful lost to the feared US team, most of the class turned to follow the Canada lacrosse team, which played the US in the final. The class excitedly looked on as the World Cup page showed live Twitter updates of the exciting match instead of watching a movie. Disappointingly, the team lost 5-10 to the US. Although they gave up the cup to the US, both Canada and Wales showed courage that will inspire people for years to come. Support Wales Lax!

The 2017 Anti Wales Lax Movement

The 2017 Anti Wales Lax Movement was a short lived uprising against the wonderful team that Wales Lax is. This movement was primarily led by the likes of "Griffin" and "Claire." In additioning to this, these radicals threatened to take down this page. (needs citation)

The Second Anti Wales Lax Movement

In attempt to stop the march of the glorious members of the Wales Lax Association, a fellow by the name of Mathew deleted this page. He thought that would stop the movement. He thought.