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Walid Term 1 @ Trinity University 2013

  • "His crocs attract all them ladies"
  • "OMG Walid stop being so swaggy"
  • "Best third wheel ever"
  • "Walid teach me how to do the cup song"

Walid was one of the most swaggiest people during Term 1 at Trinity University, 2013. He took the class psychology and his green crocs brought him many friends.

Other Walid

He was often mistaken as a YouTuber with the username iAmWalid by many of his classmates, and soon the psychology teacher assistant too. To avoid awkward conversations about it with people, he created "Other Walid." Other Walid was the YouTuber people confused with Walid. Sometimes, Walid would pretend to be Other Walid. No one could tell it was him. Because of that, people would make references to the cup song, which he barely knew how to do. Rumors spread around that the last day he confessed something, but only a few sources heard. No one knows his exact confession, but some say it relates to him being other Walid.

The Icks

The 13 year old boy was one of the first members of the Icks before it blew up.

Third Wheel

Walid was the best wheel possible at Duke TIP. He was a third wheel for Kataryan, Mick, Jailey, and more. He even sang to them during the dances singing songs such as I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. He was also very successful at photobombing them during slowdances and other 'private' moments.