War of Grellow

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The War of Grellow was a brief conflict that divided Wake Forest term 1 2016. The tensions began to build before Quadfest, with several groups showing fear and anger at the strength of Team Grellow. Green, Blue, and the original instigator, Red teamed up against Grellow. Tensions culminated in the moments immediately before Quadfest, with all three teams shouting their chant of "Grellow is not a color!". However, Grellow stayed strong and, through the strength of leaders such as Patrick Lee, Alex LaFortune, and almost all of Team Matt, the Grellows rose up and, in their fury, let loose a deafening cheer of "GRELLOW IS A COLOR!!!!". The Grellows were then said to be one of the greatest forces ever to enter a Quadfest. Their team crushed their rivals utterly, winning Quadfest with 9 events. By comparison, Blue and Green each won 2 and the hated enemy of Red won only a single event. Grellow had won easily, but the tensions still ran high. In the aftermath, the other three teams (mostly red, most Grellows forgave the Greens and Blues) showed jealousy at having been destroyed. However, the War of Grellow took place mere hours before the beginning of the Fall, and in that dark time, all disagreements were forgiven as all the TIPsters banded together as one to combat those dark times. Today, all that is left of the once-mighty forces combating Grellow is a few scattered Reds continuing their cheer in private. On the other hand, Grellow now recognizes their "color" status with pride, continuing their deafening cheers of "GRELLOW IS A COLOR!!!!!!!!!"