Wardrobe Malfunctions

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Texas A&M Term 1 2008

At Texas A&M Term 1 2008, one student had several wardrobe malfunctions. First, at the second dance, themed Hollywood, her halter-top dress broke during Every Time We Touch and fell down in front of everyone (luckily she caught it). Then, during class, the button on her pants came off. Again, she got lucky and was saved by the fact that she was carrying her AMAZING TYE-DYE CHEMISTRY LAB COAT!

At UGA Term One 2011, on "Opposite Day", two girls dressed up as the opposite gender, as did nearly all other TiPsters, and had a war to see who can pants the other the most amount of times. TiPster One: 84 TiPster Two: 6. Thank goodness for boxers... Another girl wore a skirt to class on a particularly windy day... I think we all know where that story went...

Please add your own stories about your own wardrobe malfunctions, but remember... keep it TIPpropriate!