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Wells Bussey

Wells Bussey (a.k.a Swankster 77, h00d wells) was a 2017-2018 Duke Tipster that was dismissed from camp on July 18th, 2018 for possession of a vape.
Wells (right) can be seen here with Forrest (left) on Wear a Skirt Wednesday in 2018, both of them third years.
Wells Bussey, well known and liked around the Duke East campus, was also presumed by many to be the heir of the Goon Squad flag (Goon Squad leader).
Christian, the worker closest to admin, was often made fun of for the way she treated Tipsters. This is just one example of such.
As Wells left campus, he said a phrase that would make all of term 2 remember him forever: "Skate fast, eat ass, smoke grass, and fuck twelve!" Wells was later escorted off of campus by a number of Tipsters as many others watched on in awe from the quad, contained only by RC’s, presumably against the gathering. Three days after Wells left, during the second Tip dance, a chant was started during the tradition song "Yatta", when instead of saying "Yatta" an unknown Tipster believed to be Forrest Chandler (though this is just a theory and is unknown if true) started yelling "Free Wells!", inciting all of the Tipsters that once knew Wells to join in until the chant could be heard across campus. h00d wells will be remembered forever by all at Tip East Term 2.