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Wendy Yan, also known as Wendall(explained further down) was a first year at Davidson College 2014 Term 1. She was in RC Lucy's rag group and her roommate was Jessica Lam. Wendy was a part of the A5 girl squad, along with Jessica Lam, Grace Xiang, Smitha Ramesh, and Karen Gan.

Wendy was in the class Math Problem Solving. From the first day, she was known for laughing randomly a lot. For instance, everyone would be quiet working on their problems and Wendy would just burst out laughing. She is also known for wearing her bright pink FILA shirt a lot and her verrrrry huge mosquito bites.

Wendy is called Wendall because:

During break, she told the rest of the girls in MPS that she has a bed named Carrie. So we assumed that she actually is a boy in disguise and so we made her the name Wendall. And it stuck! Pretty much everyone in MPS and people outside of her class started calling her Wendall. Even the teachers started calling her Wendall! Then the MPS girls gave each other boy names and gave the MPS boys girl names too.

She also likes to steal people's food.

SHE IS IN LOVE WITH WATERMELON! During lunch, she would take 8-9 pieces of watermelon!!!!

Sooo yeah....

She, Smitha, and Karen are known for being insane in Math problem solving class. And stalkers.

Wendy is also known for her frizzy hair and lions mane.

And that some people killed Carrie(her bed)

And for her towel pillow cuz she has no pillow...depressing.

Also she used to run around laughing and smacking her cheeks whenever she saw cute couples...yeah.

She's also a grandmother

Karen and Smitha would drive her insane by putting salt in her food while she was away.

She also would wear socks and sandals...

She wouldn't wear dresses to the dances. But on the last one she gave in and wore a "spring piano recital" dress.

if u know anything else about Wendall plz add!!