What I Regret Most After Tip

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Disclaimer: I know it seems stupid and sad but trust me this shit is important:

TiP is an amazing place and the first place I ever truly felt at home. That being said, I, like many others, still have quite a few regrets. While I doubt this page will ever be found, I want it out there as a warning: Don't make the same mistakes as I did. Here I place on the tip-wide-web, my three biggest regrets:
  • Number One on my list of regrets is my lack of RelationTIPs. People at tip are beautiful and amazing and it's very hard not to fall in love with them. I'm not saying don't fall in love, but when you do, do something about it. Forget the world outside, forget the possible backlash, and take a chance. RelationTIPs aren't everything but don't leave regretting not having one.
  • Number Two is a hard one for me to talk about but I think it's necessary. You have four years, don't spend the first three in your room not doing stuff thinking, "Ah I'll do it next year". You won't. Get out of your room, get out of your shell. I know it's scary and there are assholes everywhere but trust me, the good people and moments are so worth sorting through the bullshit. I stayed so hidden away for three years and it kills me because fourth year was amazing but I wish I had more time with the amazing people I connected with.
  • Number Three is maybe less important but here it is: don't think too hard over it if you don't get a relic babe. I know it tore me up inside when i didn't get a relic. I thought about it the whole year between third and fourth year. Not getting that relic became the only thing I remembered about third year. How much I cared about what getting a relic meant about what people thought of me seriously took away from the good memories and relationships I formed third year. Relic or no relic, fourth year will be amazing and people will love you anyways. (It should be noted I still came to possess my relic when the intended holder did not return, however that does not change my regret about losing relationships just because I was so caught up in not getting a relic)

There are more regrets, little things, names, specific people and moments. These three are my biggest regrets, they encompass every little regret and they are mistakes i worry younger tipsters may also make. Please don't. Take my advice and don't make the same mistakes as me, have no 'regerts' during your time at TiP. That place, that program, those people; they are everything to me and I hope they could be the same to you.

Yours Always,

Your Favourite Former Fourth Year(Because it hurts to bad to label myself as a "Fifth Year" or a "TiP Alum")


If any alum or current tipsters come across this page feel free to add your own section of tip regrets or make a section of comments on mine