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"Whatever & Welp," or "Welp & Whatever," refers to two very close friends from West term II. The dynamic duo first met in 2011 when they were in the same class, the Biology of Cancer. As the termbook says, Whatever frequently nearly lost all his cash, and classmates would make fun of Welp's accent. They were known to engage in such foolishness as blowing pretend darts at each other, mess up every single lab, get every 50/50 question wrong, and have a dance party on the last day of class. That class was legendary, largely due to their presence.

Their friendship blossomed over the course of the 2011 school year, when Whatever began his freshman year and Welp was a sophomore. Facebook chats were common distractions from homework.

When they reconvened in 2012, it was a disappointment that they were in separate classes, rather than Neuroscience as they had both hoped. That didn't hinder their friendship at all, however. Whatever and Welp became ever closer friends, as Whatever shared his shoes on Wear a Skirt Wednesday (called "Lend to a Friend Wednesday" West II 2012). Welp looked all over the Bryan Center for a Monster drink for Welp, and regrettably never found one. Instead, she bought him some mcnuggets at McDonald's. Whatever even mailed Welp her camera's memory card to her when she left it there at the end of the term!

A healthy skype/text relationship has now formed so that they might continue to be great friends.


Whatever is a resident of Dallas, and is an active member of his local crew team. Apparently he fences as well. He has started a program at Duke for a major in Star Wars. In his free time he enjoys simultaneously playing Starcraft and skyping. Whatever attended Duke West for his second and third years.


Welp lives in St. Louis, and plays field hockey and lacrosse sometimes. She plans to join Duke's Star Wars program and graduate with a degree in jedi. Soon, she will move to Dallas, or at least attend the fair. Welp likes to surf Pinterest [1] and Tip Wiki. She attended Tip for four years, spending her last two with Whatever at West. She thinks Whatever is awesome, thanks him for being such a good friend, and hopes they stay that way for a long time! :)