When i Say NO, you say BOOTY

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A chant that was started during Term I at Duke West in 08.

It was created by the RC's Scott and Raffy as a way to try and prevent grinding at the dances.

The Chant went as follows

  • RCs: "When i say NO, you say BOOTY"
  • RCs: "NO"
  • Kids: "BOOTY"(Some would try and change this by yelling Yes as the RCs said no) (either way, it had no effect at the level of grinding at the dances that term)

This term also was the start of another method of trying to prevent grinding: Wiffle ball bats

RC's Scott and Raffy would take the bats and head into the center of the circle trying to catch kids in the act of grinding (there was usually a grinding circle, which had its advantages cause there was someone facing each direction so we could tell when an RC was coming) They would then hit any guy they caught in the head with the bat.