Whit Smith

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Whitfield "Whit" Smith is a fourth year-fourth year who went to ASU Term 2 2014, UGA Term 2 2015, UGA Term 2 2016, and UGA Term 2 2017. His 1st he was in Ryan's RC group and took Experiments in Science. His 1st was the year that he fell in love with tip. He also met his best friend Wilds that year, with whom he would continue an amazing friendship with. His 2nd he was in Vincent's RC group and took Robotics, where he met another of his really great friends Drew Bailey, a master of memes. He attended his second year alongside his sister Mckenzie who was a 4th year at the time. His 3rd year he was in the legendary Mike's RC group (undeniably the best RC group of all time) and he took the legendary Feed the World class, where he would find himself becoming the center of many great inside jokes such as the infamous 'Concentration 64' incident and the tampon lights at summit. Whit also fell victim several of RC Mike's famous roasts (as did most). For the grand finale of Whit's spectacular time at Duke TiP, his 4th year, he was in Kaneil's RC group ('the village') and took Modern Medicine as the only 4th year guy in his class. Whit took part in hosting the very prestigious 'Duke TiP 2017 Term 2 University of Georgia Talent Show' along with his roommate and friend Wilds. Whit coined the famous "Who?...CARES!" joke, which is some of his best work. During his 4th year he could be found hanging out with most everyone, but most likely with Reese, Morgan, and Wilds. Whit was known throughout the whole camp as a model tipster and a model person. His charming personality and amazing sense of humor made for the perfect combination. Whitfield Smith is a great tipster, a great person, and a great friend to any and all he comes in contact with. He can most likely be found making people laugh until they cry (especially wilds).