Whitney-Rene's Fresh Princesses

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Whitney-Rene's Fresh Princesses, Tree Hearts, or Girls, were a group of second years girls at ASU 2013 in the summer of 2013 consisting of:

  • Megan - Most likely to sing in the shower
  • Soha - Most likely to be involved in a cookie burglary
  • Jesse - Most likely to bust a move
  • Harper - Most likely to punch a person in the face
  • Zaria - Most likely to eat Takis
  • Nia - Most likely to forget her cell phone
  • Emmy - Most likely to play basketball
  • Neha - Most likely to kill her roommate with rubber bands
  • Amie - Most likely to twerk it out like a gangster
  • Tara - Most likely to make a reference we don’t understand
  • Madison - Most likely to join the quidditch team
  • Maggie - Most likely to get it
  • Anusha (Nushie) - Most likely to break ALL the rules
  • Lauren - Most likely to recite the periodic elements
  • Whitney-Rene - Most likely to yell “we’re meeting” or “right side,” speak in Spanish, tuck you in at night, be the best substitute mom

The group, while they weren't all besties, did get along pretty well. There were friend factions among the group, but at the end of the day, could all bond. The group's theme song was ironically 'Cruise' by Florida Georgia Line, which was a popular tune during their shower sing-alongs. They came in second place at Tipsync for their interpretation of the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And while they didn't win, Harper, Megan, and Jesse performed an overly choreographed "Bye, Bye, Bye."

During their off campus trip they went to popular King Street restaurant, Macado's, where they enjoyed each other's company along with desserts and appetizers. Their other nights were spent having Disney movie nights complete with W-R's sweet treats. Over dinner they ate rice crispy treats, taunted the wrestlers, and shared many laughs.

They were also a part of the winning Pitfest team, The Emerald Knights, also known as "THAT NICE DYNAMITE." Some of their favorite jokes were calling Jacob many names such as, Sassy, Cotton Candy, Rectangle Boy. Parkour, which was just Harper jumping off various benches and staircases. They also claimed to always SHINE BRIGHT. Their favorite drink was DIIIIIET MOUNTAIN DEEEEW.