Wilds Pierce

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Wilds was a fourth year-fourth year who attended ASU Term 2 2014, UGA Term 2 2015, UGA Term 2 2016, and UGA Term 2 2017. At ASU he took theater arts. His second year he took robotics. His third year he took Feed the World, and his fourth year he took the best vet med class (Bratty Midget foreverrrrr). He was well known for Alaska, Bagel the cat, knowing every word to many Brittney Spears, *NSYNC, and Backstreet Boys songs, and his lime green bucket hat. He could be found sitting in the halls or the lobby or eating breakfast with his closest friends, Whit Smith, Reese Alley, and Morgan Sickels, and would commonly be joined by others. He choreographed his RC group's TIPsync to Superbass (they definitely should have placed). He was part of Backdorm Boys, and did much of the choreography. The girls, especially Suxin's RC group, went crazy for him at TIPsync. Finally, Wilds, along with his best friend and roommate Whit, was the MC of the talent show. He and Whit made many jokes, including but not limited to: Who?...Cares., Jackson's infamous arm around the shoulder, and ice cream flavors. Wilds is a great tipster who was known by many, and is a great friend to his classmates, RC group, and others. He hopes to someday come back as an RC, and would be amazing.

Fun Facts:

  • He was a part of the spicy jolly poppers, est. 2016, with Drew, Rebecca, and Whit.
  • He enjoyed when Whit pretended to hit his head on a table.
  • His first year RC was Ryan, second year RC Chris, third year RC Mike, and fourth year RC Kaneill.
  • He met Whit, his long-time best friend, his first year at App State. Whit makes Wilds laugh a lot (Wilds prefers uncontrollably).
  • He once asked the wrong famous college football player for an autograph in his third year.
  • He also participated in Mike's Bachelor party/Wilds's 12th birthday party, even though it was not he birthday and he was, in fact, fifteen.

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